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How to Charge Teleport Crystal Osrs

Teleport crystals are handy tools for adventurers in Old School RuneScape. They aid in swift travel across the land, but keeping them charged is essential for their use. Here’s how you can easily recharge these crystals to ensure seamless teleportation.

What Are Teleport Crystals?

After completing the ‘Song of the Elves’ quest, players gain access to teleport crystals. These crystals act as portals to various locations within the game. However, to utilize their teleportation abilities, they need to be charged.

How to Charge Teleport Crystal Osrs

How to Charge Teleport Crystal Osrs

To charge teleport crystals, players can seek out Eluned, who is located in south-west Prifddinas or the Elven scout at Eluned’s former locations. They offer charging services for these crystals.

Similar to teleport crystals, crystal teleport seeds can also be recharged by Eluned. The cost for recharging starts at 750 coins and decreases with each subsequent recharge.

Conditions for Charging

It’s important to note that these charging services are available for crystals with zero charges. Players can’t recharge partially used crystals; they must be entirely drained of charges to undergo the recharge process.

Multiple Crystals

Players can carry more than one teleport crystal at a time. Once drained, they can approach Eluned or the Elven scout to recharge multiple crystals in one go, facilitating efficient travel across the game’s map.


In Old School RuneScape, maintaining charged teleport crystals is vital for quick and convenient travel. By visiting Eluned or the Elven scout with zero-charge crystals, players can ensure these teleportation tools are always ready for use, allowing for seamless exploration and adventures across the realm.

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