How To Catch Marcus and Faleris in Palworld

How To Catch Marcus and Faleris in Palworld

In Palworld, capturing the powerful Tower Bosses Marcus and Faleris can provide you with formidable allies in your journey. Here’s a guide on how to catch Marcus and Faleris:

How To Catch Marcus and Faleris in Palworld

First, you need to go to small settlement and attack PIDF Officer. You will be wanted in the Palworld for a while, fast travel to PIDF Tower entrance. Afterwards, make the PIDF officers follow you and then enter the tower and your fight with Marcus and Faleris will begin.

How To Catch Marcus and Faleris in Palworld

During the battle against Marcus and Faleris, ensure to bring Pals with Water-type attacks. These attacks are effective against the boss and can help you deal significant damage, increasing your chances of success.

Equipping your character with an Assault Rifle can be beneficial during the battle against Marcus and Faleris. This weapon provides ranged firepower, allowing you to attack the boss from a distance and avoid close combat damage.

Now when the guards have lowered the health of Marcus and Faleris, use a legendary sphere to catch them.

Please note that this is a known bug in Palworld that allows players to capture tower bosses like Marcus and Faleris at lower levels.

While this bug may provide an opportunity to obtain these powerful Pals early in the game, it’s essential to be aware of potential game balance issues and unintended consequences.

Final Words

Capturing Marcus and Faleris may require multiple attempts, so don’t get discouraged if you fail initially. Experiment with different strategies, utilize your Pals’ abilities effectively, and persevere until you successfully capture these formidable tower bosses.

By following these tips and strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to capture Marcus and Faleris in Palworld and add them to your Pal collection. Good luck, and may your Pal adventures be filled with success and excitement!

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