How to Defeat Axel and Orserk in Palworld

How to Defeat Axel and Orserk in Palworld

Going on a journey in Palworld brings excitement, challenges, and, of course, formidable foes. Among these adversaries, Axel and Orserk stand out as powerful adversaries that demand strategic prowess. To ensure victory, follow this guide on defeating Axel and Orserk in Palworld.

How to Defeat Axel and Orserk in Palworld

Axel and Orserk in Palworld

Axel and Orserk are high-level alpha Pals that require careful planning and a strong team to overcome. Before diving into battle, consider the following details:

Axel (Type: Electric)

Axel, the electric-type Pal, poses a threat with its powerful electric attacks. Prepare by bringing Pals resistant to electric damage.

Orserk (Type: Dark)

Orserk, a dark-type Pal, utilizes shadowy moves that can be devastating. Counter this by assembling Pals with resistance to dark attacks.

Preparation Tips

  • Ensure your Pals are at a high level before engaging Axel and Orserk. Higher-level Pals have better stats and improved combat abilities.
  • Build a team with Pals that have an elemental advantage over Axel and Orserk. Electric-resistant Pals for Axel and dark-resistant Pals for Orserk provide a significant edge.
  • Equip your Pals with quality gear, such as armor and accessories, to enhance their survivability and combat effectiveness.
  • Axel is weak against ground-type moves, while Orserk is vulnerable to fighting-type moves. Exploit these weaknesses for maximum damage.

How to Defeat Axel and Orserk in Palworld

  • Attempting to defeat both Axel and Orserk simultaneously can be overwhelming. Focus your attacks on one Pal at a time to streamline the battle.
  • If a Pal’s health is low, swap it out for a healthier one. A well-rotated team ensures you always have a formidable Pal on the battlefield.
How to Defeat Axel and Orserk in Palworld

Final Words

By following these preparation tips and battle strategies, you’ll enhance your chances of emerging victorious against Axel and Orserk in Palworld. Good luck, and may your Pals triumph over these formidable adversaries!

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