How to Unlock Mel T in Foamstars

How to Unlock Mel T in Foamstars

Mel T is portrayed as an “Innocent and Cute” poster girl and CEO in Foamstars. She brings a unique charm to the game with her bubbly personality and distinctive abilities. Mel T’s Bubble Beastie name is Candy, and she wields a Heartful Delivery Missile Launcher as her weapon type. Unlocking her can enhance your gameplay experience. Here are the methods to unlock Mel T in Foamstars:

How to Unlock Mel T in Foamstars

Purchase the Premium Pass

One way to unlock Mel T is by purchasing the Premium Pass. By acquiring the Premium Pass, you gain immediate access to Mel T along with other premium rewards. This option provides a convenient and straightforward way to add Mel T to your roster.

Reach Tier 31 on the Free Pass

Alternatively, players can unlock Mel T by reaching Tier 31 on the Free Pass. Progress through the game, complete challenges, and earn experience points to climb the tiers. Upon reaching Tier 31, you’ll unlock Mel T without the need to purchase the Premium Pass.

Final Words

To unlock Mel T in Foamstars, players have the option to either purchase the Premium Pass or reach Tier 31 on the Free Pass. Both methods offer access to Mel T, allowing players to enjoy her character and abilities in the game.

By following these methods, you can unlock Mel T and delve deeper into the exciting world of Foamstars. Experiment with Mel T’s abilities, team compositions, and strategies to maximize your gaming experience and achieve victory in Foamstars’ foam-filled battles!

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