Where To Find The Training Dummy In Last Epoch?

Where To Find The Training Dummy In Last Epoch?

Last Epoch throws challenging encounters your way, and being prepared is key! If you’re looking to test out your character’s skills and damage output, you’ll need to find the trusty training dummy. Here’s where you can locate it:

Where To Find The Training Dummy In Last Epoch?

  1. Head to the Act 7 – Divine Era storyline: This is where you’ll find the Champion’s Gate, a location dedicated to testing your combat prowess.
  2. Enter the Champion’s Gate: Once inside, look for a set of training grounds.
  3. Spot the Dummies: You’ll find five specialized training dummies within the training grounds, ready to take your attacks.
Where To Find The Training Dummy In Last Epoch?

What can you do with the Training Dummy?

These dummies are perfect for:

  • Testing your skills and damage output: Experiment with different skills, equipment, and character builds to see what works best.
  • Practicing specific mechanics: Hone your dodging, blocking, and other combat skills in a safe environment.
  • Gauging your progress: Track your improvement over time and see how your character’s strength evolves.

The training dummies are invulnerable, meaning they can’t be killed. So, unleash your full potential without any worries!

Different types of dummies exist within the training grounds, each with unique properties. Experiment with all of them to get a well-rounded understanding of your character’s capabilities.

Final Words

With the training dummy at your disposal, you can confidently face the challenges that Last Epoch throws your way! Remember, practice makes perfect, and these dummies are your valuable allies in mastering your combat skills.

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