How To Claim Free Unity Student Plan?

How To Claim Free Unity Student Plan?

Unity is the world’s most leading Game Development Engine that allows you to create, manage and monetize games on different platforms. You only need to develop the game once and it can deployed in every gaming platform. These platforms include Windows, Android, iOS, Oculus and PlayStation

Unity Student Plan is a free plan that comes with Github Student Pack. Most of the features in Unity Student Plan are similar to that of Unity Plus. Unity Pro costs about $1800 /yr per seat. There are four plans of Unity:

  • Personal (Free).
  • Plus ($399/yr per seat).
  • Pro ($1800/yr per seat).
  • Enterprise ($200/month per seat).

Unity Student Plan allows 5 Unity Teams Advanced, which is more than enough for school projects and for personal learning. Even Unity Pro allows 3 Unity Team Advanced. This feature makes it easy for you and your project partners to work on a project together. The cloud-based system allows your team to save, share and sync projects easily.

How do I access the Free Unity Student Plan?

As mentioned above, to avail this plan firstly, you need to claim the GitHub Student Pack. You can claim it using your educational email (Your personal college email). You might need to submit proof of enrollment at an educational institute. Once you claim the Github Student Pack, you can claim the Unity Student Plan from within the Student Pack. Once you claim it they will give you a license key, you can activate it through Unity Hub. Eligibility: 

Students enrolled in an accredited educational institution of legal age to consent to the collection and processing of their personal information, e.g., age 13 in the US, 16 in the EU. Must join the GitHub Student Developer Pack to be verified

Moreover, you don’t need to create a new Unity Account. You can just claim the plan and activate the license on your current Unity Account.

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