How to Find Vampire Blade in Remnant 2 Endaira's End

How to Find Vampire Blade in Remnant 2 Endaira’s End

Remnant 2 has its fair share of secrets, some are quite hard to come by, while others are quite simple. One of the hardest in the game is Endaira’s End Area Secrets. In case you are having trouble finding Blood Build Item, here we have a guide on How to Find Vampire Blade in Remnant 2 Endaira’s End. So, let’s get started after an introduction to the game.

One more thing; Endaira’s End is an area filled with further secrets opened by either passing through walls or putting weight on the pressure plates. You can go through them to find multiple items and goodies. In this guide, we are also going to talk about a few of those in detail.

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Introduction to Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is the successor to Remnant 1 known as “Remnant: From the Ashes”. It was the best-selling Remnant Game to exist, ever. The game lore is quite simple. You start in a survival environment, where you face off against deadly creatures.

There are some Godly Bosses as well that you have to face, but after becoming stronger. The world itself is quite terrifying and for that, you have CO-OP/Multiplayer, allowing your friends to join in.

There are Archetypes or Classes that you have to choose from in the start, but in case you messed up, or want to experience more than one Class. The game provides you with Dual Class or Hybrid Archetype Mechanism as well.

Yes, you do start with the New Class from Level 1, but that makes it the secondary class. You get to keep the Primary or Main class with you as well and that’s the fun part of the game.

Bit of an MMORPG game mix here as well, you get Gear, in-game currency, Upgrades, Crafting, and that Holy Remnant Drip everyone is wild for nowadays. You can make your character someone unique, by finding secret areas in the game and getting secret weapons to showcase your friends.

If you don’t have anyone to play with you, don’t worry, the game itself is designed to be an optimal game experience for Casual Single Player Lovers.

Finding Archer Ring in Endaira’s End Remnant 2 – Hidden Secret Wall

First things first, you start off in the Endaira’s End and proceed onwards till you find yourself on the first floor. There is a ground floor filled with enemies. Take the stairs down from here.

You will find a waterfall behind two pillars. You can either take the left path or the right path. Let’s go to the right one first. While sticking with the right wall, you will find a door passage that seems blocked, but it isn’t.

This is actually a hidden passage in the game. You can pass through it as well. We will also put an image below, so you know what we are talking about here.

Finding Archer Ring in Endaira's End Remnant 2 - Hidden Secret Wall

After you pass through it, just go down the stairs and there are two scary demi (Mini)-bosses. Both of them can root you, so keep your distance. You can stay on the stairs, shooting them on the range.

If you get close to them and die in the water, there is no coming back. Your teammates can’t revive you, it is instant death without revival.

After you are done, you can pass through and find two takes with two plates on top. The left one has an item (Forged Iron) and the right one is basically empty.

In the end, you will find a chest, aligned perfectly in the center. This is where you will get your hands on the Archer Ring in Remnant 2.

Finding Archer Ring in Endaira's End Remnant 2 - Hidden Secret Wall

Finding Vampire Blade in Endaira’s End Remnant 2 – Pressure Plate Hidden Side Wall

Now, in the dungeon, you will come across an area with closed paths, just like in the image below. In the center somewhere, you will find a pressure plate that opens the Hidden Side Walls of Endaira’s End Remnant 2.

How to Find Vampire Blade in Remnant 2 Endaira's End

Look on your top and there are strange symbols. The right direction is hard to find here, but these symbols will guide you to it. If there are any matching symbols, that is the right way onward.

How to Find Vampire Blade in Remnant 2 Endaira's End

Just like that, you proceed onwards in the area. Keep in mind that it is USUALLY the right way. Sometimes it isn’t!

How to Find Vampire Blade in Remnant 2 Endaira's End

After two rooms and then the third one, you will find mini-bosses around. These mini-bosses have a chest behind them as well. You can use the walls to crush them as well. It is instant death at this point.

Now that you have defeated the boss, you can get your hands on the Vampire Blade in Remnant 2 Endaira’s End. If you are going for a bleed build, this right here is the perfect item for you.

How to Find Vampire Blade in Remnant 2 Endaira's End

Now, talking about the chest. You need to be careful because as you take your steps onward, the pressure plates will activate, killing you instantly.

stick to the left corner and roll your way inside.

Pass through the third door/passage and you will find yourself the Krell Axe in Remnant 2. It is an electric axe in the game that is quite useful in the game for melee builds. Did we forget to mention, you can also throw it? Well, now you know.

This is basically, how you can find the Vampire Blade Mutator and Krell Axe in Remnant 2 Endaira’s End.

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