How To Get Diamonds in Jagged Alliance 3

How To Get Diamonds in Jagged Alliance 3

Jagged Alliance 3 is a new game where you, as a mercenary captain, must navigate a treacherous landscape of political turmoil and combat the formidable paramilitary group known as “The Legion.” The fate of Grand Chien hangs in the balance, and your journey to locate the kidnapped president’s daughter and restore stability begins. In this thrilling adventure, you’ll find that diamonds play a crucial role in funding your military operation and assembling a skilled team of soldiers. Let’s explore How To Get Diamonds in Jagged Alliance 3.

How To Get Diamonds in Jagged Alliance 3

How To Get Diamonds in Jagged Alliance 3

The primary source of diamonds in Jagged Alliance 3 lies within the mines scattered across Grand Chien. As you embark on your quests and missions, you will come across these valuable mines, and liberating them from The Legion’s control will reward you with a steady stream of income. The diamonds from these mines are automatically added to your account as money, supporting your endeavors in the battle against the enemies of peace.

Types of Diamonds in Jagged Alliance 3

Diamond Shipment

This extremely valuable object costs a staggering $12,000. You can obtain it by attacking special convoys roaming the region, which are guarded by The Legion. Liberating these shipments will grant you substantial financial rewards.

Small Diamonds

These are daily bases loot, You can get them and sell them for about $500.

Holding onto Diamonds: Sell or Save?

A common question among players is whether to sell or hold onto the diamonds they obtain. For the larger briefcases of diamonds, there seems to be no reason to hold onto them, as they primarily serve as money buffs. These can be sold through the right-click option to gain instant cash.

Selling Small Diamonds: The Priest’s Offer

For smaller diamonds, players have the choice to either sell them through the right-click option for $500 or head to the first city and sell them to the priest. The latter option offers a better deal, providing $600 to $700 for each small diamond sold. Consider your financial needs and weigh your options wisely.

How To Get Diamonds in Jagged Alliance 3

Final Words

In the tumultuous world of Jagged Alliance 3, diamonds play a pivotal role in funding your mercenary operations and acquiring skilled soldiers to combat The Legion’s forces. Embrace the challenges that lie ahead, liberate the diamond mines, and choose wisely when to sell or save the precious diamonds. As you delve deeper into the heart of Grand Chien, these valuable gems will guide your path to victory and restore peace to the beleaguered nation. The fate of the president’s daughter and the future of Grand Chien rest in your capable hands.

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