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How to Get the Rebellion Spear in Remnant 2

Remnant 2, an action-packed and thrilling action role-playing video game developed by Gunfire Games. In this immersive sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes, players find themselves in a procedurally generated world, teeming with deadly creatures and god-like bosses. As they traverse the diverse landscapes and face countless challenges, players must rely on their skills, strategy, and powerful weapons to survive.

Remnant 2 offers an array of exciting weapons that players can utilize to vanquish their foes, and one such prized weapon is the Rebellion Spear. This unique melee weapon possesses excellent range and recovery, making it perfect for striking from a distance during one-on-one combat. In this blog post, we will explore How to Get the Rebellion Spear in Remnant 2. Let’s dive into the methods and quests required to obtain this powerful weapon and bolster your arsenal for the epic battles that await.

How to Get the Rebellion Spear in Remnant 2

How to Get the Rebellion Spear in Remnant 2

The Rebellion Spear is a coveted melee weapon that players can wield to their advantage. To acquire this deadly weapon, players need to complete a specific questline and make critical choices that will determine their path. Here are the steps to obtain the Rebellion Spear:

  • During your adventure in Yaesha, you will encounter a quest where you must make a crucial decision—to kill either the Ravager or the Doe.
  • To unlock the Rebellion Spear, opt to revive the Doe during the quest. This choice will lead you to face the Corrupted Ravager in a formidable boss fight.
  • Engage in an intense battle with the Corrupted Ravager and emerge victorious. Upon defeating the boss, you will obtain the Red Doe Staff, a crucial item required for obtaining the Rebellion Spear.
  • Return to Bedel of the Vaunt, the NPC you encountered at the beginning of the quest. Inform Bedel that you have chosen to heal the Doe.
  • By making the right choices and defeating the Corrupted Ravager, you will be rewarded with the prized Rebellion Spear, a cobbled-together masterpiece fashioned from scavenged pipes and fasteners. This powerful weapon excels in ranged combat, providing focused direct damage for one-on-one encounters.
How to Get the Rebellion Spear in Remnant 2

Final Words

The Rebellion Spear is a weapon that promises dominance in one-on-one combat and provides players with a unique advantage in their perilous journey through Remnant 2. By venturing into the dangerous territory of Yaesha and making critical choices, players can lay claim to this mighty melee weapon. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure as you wield the Rebellion Spear and take on the formidable challenges that await you in Remnant 2.

Remember, your journey is fraught with danger, and each decision shapes your destiny. Choose wisely, wield your weapons skillfully, and let the Rebellion Spear lead you to victory in the ever-changing world of Remnant 2. Good luck, brave adventurer!

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