How to get TikTok Shrek Kissing Filter?

How to get TikTok Shrek Kissing Filter?

TikTok is the main hub of viral videos and filters, giving people unique trends to follow and blowing the traffic audience on their page. One of the recent viral videos showcases people kissing Shrek on TikTok, but how did they do it? Here in this guide, we will show you How to get TikTok Shrek Kissing Filter.

What is Shrek Filter on TikTok Kissing People?

Just as the title represents, this filter will utilize AI and AR to conjure an imaginary Shrek in the recording kissing you or whoever is on the video at the time. The reason for it going viral is because of Shrek himself and how realistic it can be.

Shrek is a male, and for some fun time, male users on TikTok are also making this funny Shrek Kissing them. But just as some users are using the filter for fun, others are going beyond the threshold and taking a strange liking to it.

We recommend using the filter only to make funny videos, not to start making love to Shrek himself. Note: This video is for those who just want to make a funny video!

How to get TikTok Shrek Kissing Filter?

Kissing Shrek Filter on TikTok

To get the filter you will have to update the TikTok app, as the latest update brings you this trendy Shrek Filter on TikTok. Simply, like before, you will have to search for the filter “Shrek Kissing Filter” in the TikTok Search Bar.

You will be presented with the Shrek Kissing Filter videos popping off. Click on a video and then click on the “effect” icon. Afterward, click on “Use this effect”, and make a video on TikTok by recording one to get the TikTok Shrek Kissing Filter.

The name of the Shrek Kissing Filter on TikTok is “Kissing Shrek by Rytes”. Alternatively, you can record a video and search for this effect from inside the recording.

How to get TikTok Shrek Kissing Filter? "Kissing Shrek by Rytes"


  • Update TikTok App
  • Open the TikTok App on Android or iOS
  • Search for “Shrek Kissing Filter”
  • Open any video with this filter
  • Click on “Effect”
  • Then, click on “Use this Effect”

Record and Make a video with this effect to get TikTok Shrek Kissing Filter.

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