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How To Invite and Play With Friends in The Finals

Developed by Embark Studios, this multiplayer first-person shooter has taken the gaming community by storm with its promise of intense team-based combat in destructible arenas. The open beta release is the ultimate invitation for players to step into this dynamic and chaotic gaming experience, offering a sneak peek into the adrenaline-fueled battles and environment-shattering action that “The Finals” has in store. However, players have been facing issues finding a method to invite their friends and play with them. Don’t worry, in this guide, I will explain the trick to Invite and Play With Friends in The Finals.

How To Invite and Play With Friends in The Finals

How To Invite and Play With Friends in The Finals

Once you’re in “The Finals,” head to the lobby screen. Here, you’ll notice a small, moveable box in the top right corner of your screen. This box is your gateway to setting up your team for victory.

Within this box, you’ll find a series of options, represented by small circles. Click on the second circle to access the invite a friend option. Clicking on this option will redirect you to the Embark Studios website.

To proceed, you’ll need to log in using your Steam ID. This ensures that you’re connected with your Steam friends, making the process of inviting them a breeze.

After logging in, you’ll find an option to add friends. This is the crucial step in building your gaming squad. By adding friends through this method, you enable direct invitations from your Steam friend list to “The Finals.”

For cross-platform gaming experiences, it’s essential to enable crossplay. This feature ensures that your friends on different platforms can join your squad seamlessly. Without crossplay enabled, this trick won’t work, so be sure not to skip this vital step.

Final Words

Now you’re all set to invite friends and create the ultimate gaming team in “The Finals.” Gather your friends, enable crossplay, and embark on thrilling battles together, showcasing your teamwork and strategy. May victory be ever in your favor!

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