How to Solve 15th Wish (Imbaru Engine) in Destiny 2

How to Solve 15th Wish (Imbaru Engine) in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is giving us the last of its Final Shape Expansions, and starting the Season of the Wish. More like the Dragon Ball franchise, the whole lore is about strong wishes granted by dragons who are called the Ahamkara.

When you finish the final puzzle of the season, you will get a secret cutscene unlocked, giving us a hint about the story. A surprise to the players, it was a hint towards the thread that was ongoing for years.

Yes, it was the 15th Wish in Destiny 2, which was first introduced to the players in 2018, during the Forsaken Expansion of Destiny 2. Here in this guide, we will discuss that and also guide you on How to Solve the 15th Wish (Imbaru Engine) in Destiny 2.

How to Solve 15th Wish (Imbaru Engine) in Destiny 2

What are Wishes and the 15th Wish in Destiny 2?

In ancient times, some Guardians worked together to fight the Ahamkara, but it resulted in the wishes. Whoever asked for the wish, they were ultimately backfired from them.

While unknown to Guardians, there was only a single Ahamkara, known as Riven and secretly hidden by the Mara Sov, a Queen. The Ahamkara would give the Queen unique abilities and powers that are out of league with the civilization.

The Queen was using the Wall of Wishes to grant her Wishes, and as we already mentioned, these Wishes backfired, the Riven took a different path and ultimately the Wishes took a U-turn.

Players in 2018, at the time of Forsaken Expansion, were given the task of uncovering these secret Wishes and putting an end to the Wish Raid. Finding them was beneficial, as they game players different things, including a Triumph.

Most of the players were able to complete the Wishes to 14, and the final 15th Wish remained a secret. Now, let’s talk about the solution to the 15th Puzzle.

How to Solve 15th Wish (Imbaru Engine) in Destiny 2

Complete the puzzle in the Imbaru Engine, and you will get the Season of the Wish. You have to find the last Ahamkara Egg and to do that, you will have to run towards the Witness.

It can be done in the next expansion of Destiny 2, which is called the Final Shape. You can only take down the last Wish with the help of the magic from Ahamkara.

Then, the Wish will be made available at the time of a cutscene, and you will have to complete specific activities including Eris Morn and Players putting together various clues. These clues will give you the pathway towards the 15th Wish.

How to Solve 15th Wish (Imbaru Engine) in Destiny 2


In the upcoming Final Shape Expansion of Destiny 2, players can uncover the 15th Wish, that was initially ignited in 2018, during the Forsaken Expansion. You can utilize the magic from Ahamkara, put together clues alongside Eris Morn, and then solve the 15th Wish (Imbaru Engine) in Destiny 2.

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