How to invite friends mid-game in Lethal Company?

How to Text Chat in Lethal Company?

Lethal Company is an all-new Horror-Survival Multiplayer COOP game that sets itself apart from others in the genre due to the proximity chat, allowing players to use the Walkie-Talkie to interact with one another through voice. But not everyone has a mic at the time to talk with their teammates, or you might lose the Walkie Talkie, losing the ability to talk to one another through a mic. At that moment, you might want to use the Text Chat options to tell your friends what’s the case here. Here in this guide, we will show you How to Text Chat in Lethal Company.

How to Text Chat in Lethal Company?

Does Lethal Company have Text Chat Options?

Yes, Lethal Company has a Text Chat option, and using that you can write in the chat and let the teammates know what’s happening around you.

Why use Text Chat?

Most of the players don’t have a mic for the time being and in a game like Lethal Company, using a form of communication with your teammates is a must.

Lethal Company has a voice chat system through the use of Walkie Talkie that each character has in a team of 4. If someone loses it, they can’t communicate through the voice chat. They will have to type in the messages.

Should you use text chat in Lethal Company?

If you have a working mic, and your character has an in-game walkie-talkie, then we don’t recommend using the text chat to talk. Everyone is focused on the game, and no one has enough space to look at the corner, just to see some messages. Therefore, if you have the resources, we recommend using the text chat.

How to Text Chat in Lethal Company?

To communicate in Lethal Company using the text chat, you can press the “/” key on your keyboard. But while you are typing, you will have to pause. The game has strict rules when it comes to text chat in Lethal Company.

If you have a sentence and want to send it inside the game without pausing, you will have to delete the whole sentence in one. Otherwise, you will have to press Enter with the text you have to back out outside the pause.

If you want to send a message inside Lethal Company, you will have to pause and then press enter to send it.

How to Text Chat in Lethal Company?

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