Top 7 Best Games Like Lethal Company

Top 7 Best Games Like Lethal Company

Welcome to Lethal Company – a humorous and horror combination of Plasmophobia meeting Deep Rock Galactic. An indie horror-survival game where you play as a generic worker under “A Mysterious Company” that gives you a task to go to moons and collect scraps, information, and wildlife info. Be careful, other creatures are hiding in the corners that can follow and kill you instantly. So, coordination is a must with your team.

The fun part about the game is the COOP Multiplayer feature, where 4 players can play together in the same lobby. But with the BiggerLobby Mod, you can even play the game in a team of 20 maximum players.

If you played Lethal Company and want more unique content similar to that, we got you covered. Here are the Top 7 Best Games Like Lethal Company that you will surely love.

Deep Rock Galactic

In the category of games that can be enjoyed with your friends and family, Deep Rock Galactic holds the top bar, as it is a COOP FPS game that you can play in a team of 4 players, just like Lethal Company.

The game is set in mines, where dwarves are mining them and taking the loot for themselves. But, to stop them, there are strange enemies, which you have to fight using your “power of friendship”.

Each of the 4 characters has a different class, meaning a proper team that can only win if all worked together with one another. Furthermore, just like Lethal Company, Deep Rock Galactic can also be played solo if you like.

Deep Rock Galactic - Best Games Like Lethal Company


Just as we mentioned, Lethal Company is a mixture of Phasmophobia and Deep Rock Galactic. The multiplayer might be similar to Deep Rock, but the game itself is nothing sort of Phasmophobia-like.

Phasmophobia is an extreme horror game that can be played with a total of 4 players on the team. You are a ghost hunter trying to interact with the ghost and gather evidence.

There is psychological pressure on you in the game, completing tasks, hiding from the horror entities, using the little light you have to get some visibility, and finally using the ghost hunting equipment to gather the evidence.

Phasmophobia - Best Games Like Lethal Company

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is a sequel to the legendary “The Forest” games that are based on real-life survival simulators. You are in a mystical jungle, where you have to collect stuff and survive the nights in horror. Then, there are hidden doors like the Golden Hand Seal that you have to uncover and find solutions to.

The game is quite similar to Lethal Company, but not like it completely. It is similar in the sense that the game is survival horror and is played in a POV. But, it isn’t in a sense that the game is open-world and realistic.

It has a story to back it up and other mechanics like plotting, crafting, resource gathering, and even building things on your own. You can explore caves, and play the game in a COOP Multiplayer with a maximum team of 8 players.

Sons of the Forest - Best Games Like Lethal Company

SCP Secret Laboratory

SCP Secret Laboratory isn’t only similar to The Lethal Company, but exactly like it. You can consider it the best game like Lethal Company to exist as of right now. Just like the Lethal Company, you are out there in horror searching for scraps and collecting them.

But, butter on top, you also have to deal with strange horrors that can kill you. This game came before Lethal Company and the creatures also have abilities here that you have to tackle.

Taking inspiration from the SCP Foundation Series, a total of 64 players can play SCP Secret Laboratory at the same time, making it much better than Lethal Company in that aspect.

SCP Secret Laboratory - Best Games Like Lethal Company

Escape the Backrooms

Another horror-survival game that is similar to The Lethal Company. Might not be the best fit, but still in the Top 7 Best Games Like Lethal Company to play right now.

Escape the Backrooms is a game with strange graphics and camera angles. You are in a POV, where your character has to run through the backrooms not getting seen by strange horror creatures, alongside other dangerous things, and escaping them.

Escape the Backroom and Lethal Company are quite similar to one another in the sense that both have 4 player COOP Multiplayer, where four players can play together in a team. Both have a horror theme going around, where you have to just escape.

But in our own recommendation, Escape the Backrooms is much more horror-based, because you don’t have to collect scraps here, or do tasks.

Escape the Backrooms - Best Games Like Lethal Company


GTFO is another horror survival but with the most deadly creatures. You play the game in a team of 4 players who are locked in a prison, making you all prisoners.

Then, the Warden asked you to enter the research facility and complete various tasks given to you. But that is only the simple part, as the whole facility has strange monsters, waiting to eat someone alive.

Just like Lethal Company, you have to work with your friends to escape the area, getting the right gear along the way, and one wrong move will cost you your life. It also has a fun part to it alongside being a horror-survival.

GTFO - Best Games Like Lethal Company

Left 4 Dead 2

Lastly, in our List of Top 7 Best Games Like The Lethal Company, we have here a legendary game – Left 4 Dead 2. Players who also love Resident Evil, and are attracted to Lethal Company will surely like Left 4 Dead 2.

The town is infected by zombies, and you alongside your teammates are making your way out of here. Killing zombies, finding equipment, doing small tasks, and completing the 4-act story.

But all the killing and massacre set the game aside from Lethal Company a bit. The horror and fun are there alongside Proximity Chat and tasks, making it somewhat similar to Lethal Company.

Left 4 Dead 2 - Best Games Like Lethal Company

What makes Lethal Company successful?

Lethal Company might look simple and boring at first sight, but there is more to the game than meets the eye. Following are some of the things that make it so successful.

Proximity Chat

It is not something unique only found in The Lethal Company, but the use here is something that makes it so much better.

Proximity Chat makes the game what it is here, instead of being just a mechanism in the game that others use. For example: in Battle Bit, you don’t have to use the proximity chat to actually play the game, and the same is the case with other VR games.

But, in Lethal Company, you will have to use Proximity Chat to play the game, otherwise, all the fun is gone. Furthermore, to access the Proximity Chat, a player needs to have the walkie-talkie with them.

So, it adds more depth to the game in the sense that players can lose the Walkie Talkie, and also lose the ability to interact with others. You might be lost somewhere, scared of the bugs, or just died recently to wildlife.

What makes Lethal Company successful? The Proximity Chat Use through Walkie Talkie.

Minute Details

When you are playing Lethal Company, you notice small details or things that you can take into account. Like opening a door will bring up small tables and lambs with other things around them.

All of these things will add details to the game and make it more in-depth.

Fun and Scary At the Same Time

The game doesn’t focus most on death, or the task at hand. Rather it adds a fun and goofy factor while remaining a scary-horror game. The music, the animations, and the details, all have a fun factor to them.

Even the enemies are not that scary they are just massive bugs in a funny animation style. But this makes the game so much more successful in COOP Multiplayer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Lethal Company game about?

In Lethal Company, you are a worker for a mysterious Company that sends you to the moon, land there, and collects scraps, sending them to the company. Find records of life, and creatures and interact with your walkie-talkie to coordinate with your fellow workers for a safe escape.

How many players can play Lethal Company?

A group of 4 players can play Lethal Company at the same time in a lobby.

Can more than 4 players play Lethal Company?

There is a BiggerLobby Mod that you can use to increase the amount from 4 to 20, the maximum number of players that can play Lethal Company.

What is the category of the Lethal Company game?

Lethal Company is a COOP Horror-Survival Game.

Which game did Lethal Company take inspiration from?

Lethal Company is similar to various games but most notably it is a mixture of Deep Rock Galactic and Phasmophobia.

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