How to Unlock Rashid in Street Fighter 6

How to Unlock Rashid in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6, the highly anticipated installment in the legendary fighting game franchise, continues the tradition of intense battles and iconic characters. Developed by Capcom, Street Fighter 6 brings new mechanics, stunning visuals, and a diverse roster of fighters to engage players in thrilling combat. With its immersive World Tour mode and exciting DLC releases, Street Fighter 6 offers a comprehensive experience for both casual and competitive gamers. In this article, we will focus on How to Unlock Rashid in Street Fighter 6. So you can start using the latest DLC character.

How to Unlock Rashid in Street Fighter 6

How to Unlock Rashid in Street Fighter 6

Rashid, a fan-favorite character introduced in Street Fighter V, makes his return in Street Fighter 6 as part of the DLC content. Unlocking Rashid requires following specific steps or purchasing the appropriate DLC packages. Here are the methods to add Rashid to your roster:

Rashid Arrives Event Pass

Street Fighter 6 introduces an exclusive in-game event called “Rashid Arrives.” This event centers around the character Rashid and offers a dedicated Event Pass. By participating in this event, players can unlock various Rashid-themed rewards, including cosmetics for their avatars, music tracks, and special emotes. The Rashid Arrives Event Pass can be obtained by purchasing it from the in-game store using Fight Coins or real-world currency.

Year 1 Character Pass

Another way to unlock Rashid is by purchasing the Year 1 Character Pass for Street Fighter 6. This DLC package includes multiple characters scheduled to be released over the course of the game’s first year. Rashid is one of the characters featured in this pass, along with other fighters like AKI, Ed, and Akuma.

The Year 1 Character Pass can be obtained separately from the base game or as part of the Deluxe Edition or Ultimate Edition of Street Fighter 6.

Deluxe Edition or Ultimate Edition

If you want to ensure access to Rashid and all the DLC characters without purchasing them individually, you can consider buying the Deluxe Edition or Ultimate Edition of Street Fighter 6. These editions include the Year 1 Character Pass as part of their bundled content, providing immediate access to Rashid and future DLC fighters as they become available.

Individual DLC Purchase

For players who have already acquired the Standard Edition of Street Fighter 6, there is still an option to unlock Rashid. The Year 1 Character Pass can be purchased separately from the base game through digital platforms like Steam or console stores. By acquiring the Year 1 Character Pass, players gain access to Rashid and other DLC fighters.

By following these methods, whether through in-game events or DLC purchases, players can unlock Rashid and harness his unique fighting style in Street Fighter 6. Embark on the journey to become a formidable fighter and experience the thrill of intense battles against skilled opponents.

How to Unlock Rashid in Street Fighter 6


Street Fighter 6 offers an engaging and action-packed experience for fans of the fighting game genre. Unlocking Rashid, one of the DLC characters, adds a new dimension to the game, allowing players to utilize his special abilities and fighting techniques. Whether through participating in in-game events or purchasing DLC packages, players can enjoy the exhilarating gameplay and diverse roster that Street Fighter 6 has to offer. Embrace the challenge, hone your skills, and unleash the power of Rashid as you engage in intense battles in the world of Street Fighter 6.

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