How to Use Severed Hand Fingers in Lords of the Fallen

How to Use Severed Hand Fingers in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen, a soulsbourne-like game, allows players to have in-game currencies and utilize them to either buy items or upgrade their equipment. While there is more than one currency available for players, Severed Hand is a unique currency that allows players to purchase distinct items from the Severed Hand Shop located inside the game. So, to use the Severed Hand Fingers, you will have to head to the Shrine of Adyr, interact with the vendor, and give the Severed Hands in exchange for items. The real issue is how to find this Shrine of Adyr Vendor in the game. Let’s get to the details below.

Use Severed Hand Fingers in the Shrine of Adyr

Shuja Hamlet (Vestige of the Pale Butcher) Starting Point

First of all, you need to start from the Shuja Hamlet, this is the same area where you find the Vestige of the Pale Butcher. Sticking to the right side of the cave, you will come across a locked cage door.

Starting from the Shuja Hamlet (Vestige of the Pale Butcher), while in the Umbral Dimension, land of the dead.

Umbral Realm Run

You are in the Axiom dimension, and you will have to shift into the Umbral Dimension to cross from this locked door. In the Land of the Dead, you again have to rush forward, while sprinting, but make sure you are quick, because enemies start jumping at you, and even a hunter might appear shortly.

Reach Fitzroy’s Gorge, and stick to the right side. Passing through the wolves, archers, and enemies, you will find an entrance to the locked door. There are two locked doors to be precise here, therefore, you might want to remain in the Umbral for a while till you pass through them.

Run forward, remaining on your right side, but passing through the bridge, you need to take the first left. There is going to be an archer barricade here, and you can drop underneath from there.

There are strong enemies ahead, so you might want to Get Weapon Runes and upgrade your equipment before this run.

Use Interaction Travel Point

Get out of the cave and stick to your left side. An interaction point will appear in front of you, which you can use to go to the other side.

Use the Interaction Point to get to the other side and shift to the Umbral Dimension again.

Now, when you are on the other side, you might want to change back to the Umbral, land of the dead.

Hidden Down Passage

On the right side of the Interaction Point, you will find a breakable object. Behind that, there is a drop point. Utilize that route to go to the other side.

Utilize the hidden passage on the right of the Interaction Point, with breakable object.

As you reach the end, you can climb the ladder, but make sure you are out of the Umbral Realm and into the Axion, the land of life. Proceed onwards, while remaining on the right side.

Using Severed Hands at the Shrine of Adyr Vendor

At the end of the route, you will find a massive door entrance, with blood flowing from it.

Finding Severed Hand Shop Location, where you can use the Severed Hands to purchase from vendor Shrine of Adyr.

On the right side, you will find the Shrine of Adyr. This shopkeeper allows you to purchase items using the Severed Hand that you got throughout your journey.

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