How to Get Weapon Runes in Lords of the Fallen?

How to Get Weapon Runes in Lords of the Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen, a souls-like, game set in a duel-world scenario, has various equipment and upgrades available for players to utilize and make it a bit easier than before.

One of them is the Weapon Rune which allows the player to enhance their equipment, taking it to the next level, but, getting your hands on one is a fairly difficult task, as it requires spending in-game currency, farming through enemies, and breaking objects.

While some promised enemies are sure to bring you Weapon Runes, like Bosses and Umbral’s, the process is still fairly complex. Therefore, I went ahead and compiled this guide on How to Get Weapon Runes in Lords of the Fallen (LotF). Without any further ado, let’s jump straight to it.

What are Weapon Runes?

Runes are the in-game items that you can use to enhance the stats of your weapon, and sometimes even grant unique elemental aspects. There are two types of runes, namely the smaller and larger runes.

The smaller ones have a lower chance of being good, while the larger runes are sure to give you an elemental aspect. But, using Weapon Runes isn’t that simple as you will have to use Sockets on the Weapons first, and then you will be able to put those Runes on the sockets.

How to Get Weapon Runes in Lords of the Fallen?

There are potentially various methods to get Weapon Runes in LotF. Some of them involve using your money, while others require research and farming. Let’s get to the details below.

Buying Weapon Runes in Lords of the Fallen

You can head to the Blacksmith Gelinde and buy Weapon Runes from there. Alongside this, she also has sockets that can be used to put runes into.

There are various quality runes, so you will get the standard ones from this merchant, but later on, you will find them to be useless, as the complexity of the game improves. Therefore, you will require better Weapon Runes to help you in your journey.

While you can buy Weapon Runes from Blacksmith Gelinde, you can also farm them from Umbral enemies and Axiom bosses. Also, you get Weapon Runes by breaking stuff.

Farming Weapon Runes from Enemies

Killing enemies on your way has a small chance of dropping Weapon Runes in the game. The chance you have depends vastly on the enemies you are killing, like Umbral and Bosses have a higher chance altogether than the typical enemies.

  • You can find the Umbral Enemies in the Calrath zone or similar areas around. These are the most common farming spots to get your hands on some Weapon Runes.
  • Besides this, the Axiom Bosses have them as well. Therefore, make sure you give them a trip before going for weapon upgrades.

Breaking Stuff to get Weapon Runes

Finally, to get Weapon Runes in Lords of the Fallen, you need to roll into the objects that can break inside the game. These include your boxes, tables, chairs, chests, and so on.

Just as if you are killing enemies and getting these Weapon Runes, you will also have a chance of getting Weapon Runes from the breakable stuff inside the game.

Weapon Runes are quite helpful gems you can slot onto your weapon for some extra stat upgrades. While the standard ones are only for stats, there are some bigger Runes you can use to get aspect on top. There isn’t anything complicated here, as you get them while fighting enemies and breaking stuff along your way. Make sure you Unlock the Socket for Runes first before upgrading your weapons with the Weapon Runes.

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