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Lords of the Fallen Dropping FPS (Frames) and Low Performance After Recent Update

Lords of the Fallen is a one-time experience that you get after years of development in the gaming industry. You can literally smell the undeniable scent of Dark Souls 1 and Blood Bourne in Lords of the Fallen, making it truly a spectacular Souls-Bourne game of the year.

But, after the release of the latest patch from the developers of LotR, users were faced with a strange, yet game-breaking issue. The FPS started to drop, and the game felt as if it had lower performance in contrast to the previous game, before the update.

Why is it so? Why does Lords of the Fallen have FPS Drops and Poor Performance after the latest updates? Let’s get to the context of the update and then head over to the possible fixes.

Lords of the Fallen Latest PC Update!

Lords of the Fallen has released a new patch, version “1.1.191” that is available for Steam users, and PS5 users as well. Shortly after, this update will be launched on Epic Games Store and Xbox.

According to the developers on Twitter, “The update features some performance updates, changes to the game for balance, and much more”. So, the general context of the update seems to be related to performance and game fixes.

Lords of the Fallen Dropping FPS (Frames) and Low Performance After Recent Update Patch Notes 1.1.191

Why is Lords of the Fallen Dropping FPS (Frames) and Low Performance After Recent Update?

For the most part, it takes some time for the game to get used to the updates. You should first of all restart the game and then check back on it. In case the issue persists, then you might want to lower your settings a bit.

It is pretty natural for the game devs to fix an issue in the game and the next thing you know is, that issue gets worse. They will probably release a new patch that balances things up, so patience is the main part to play here.

Other than that, FPS Drop/Loss and Lower Performance in the game are due to your in-game settings. Always prefer the performance of the game over the graphics. As the game is on Unreal Engine 5 (UE5), it takes a powerful system to run the game.

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