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[Fixed] Lords of the Fallen Shader Compilation Crash, Stuck

Every game has Shader Compilation loading in either the background or on the front of the screen. While most of the games do have it appearing on the front so that the players know when the loading can be completed, some games don’t show you the Shader Compilation. Lords of the Fallen is a similar game that has Shader Compilation in the background, and players don’t know about it loading. Therefore, it results in the game crashing, or getting stuck while doing Shader Compilation.

What is Shader Compilation Loading in Lords of the Fallen (LotF)?

Shader Compilation points out the process of hardware understanding human-written code, therefore translating it to the binary code form. A binary form of code is easier for the hardware to understand.

So, to run the game on different or specific Graphics Cards (GPUs), the shaders are compiled. It might not seem like a complex process, but it does take system power to do so, because of all the game files.

[Fixed] Lords of the Fallen Shader Compilation Crash, Stuck

How to Fix Lords of the Fallen Shader Compilation Crash, Stuck?

First and foremost, it is important to understand that when you update the GPU Drivers or change things in your system, the game has to compile the shaders again.

You can enable the FPS Show in the game, enabling you to check whether the game has some background process running or not. When you are in the game’s main menu, you can check the FPS Drops, because when the Shaders are Compiling, you will have FPS Loss in the game.

Wait till those FPS Drops are over and then you can start the game. Otherwise, the Shader Compilation will result in the game Crashing or the game getting Stuck in Lords of the Fallen.

You can also see a small Black Screen with a Loading Bar. So, to fix the issue, you will just have to wait for the Shader Compilation, and when it’s complete, you can just start the game. If you put pressure on the game, it will result in the game crashing or getting stuck.

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