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[Fixed] Lords of the Fallen Stuck/Locked on 30 FPS

Lords of the Fallen is a complete souls-like experience, backed up by a multiplayer game mode that allows you to play against other human players. But, the issue that players are continuously faced with is the Lords of the Fallen Stuck or Locked on 30 FPS. While Framerates don’t matter for most Souls-like games, they do for an Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) masterpiece like Lords of the Fallen (LotF).

What is the Reason Behind the 30 FPS Lock on Lords of the Fallen (LotF)?

Most of the players are faced with the 30 FPS Lock Multiplayer COOP for the game, but others seemingly have the issue with campaign mode as well.

But, to be precise here, the game being set to 30 FPS on COOP Multiplayer is intentional and there is no outside reason behind it. The game is designed to have a 30 FPS maximum for Multiplayer mode.

On the other side of the debate, there is of course a reason behind the game having 30 FPS lock with campaign mode. The game doesn’t have limited fps locked in their main storyline.

The reason that comes to mind most of the time is FPS Locker making the game stuck on 30 FPS. Nvidia, and AMD both have one, while the game also allows you to lock the FPS.

Moreover, the reason behind the 30 FPS could be your system itself. Either it is too underpowered, or the Gaming Monitor doesn’t allow you to go beyond 30.

[Fixed] Lords of the Fallen Stuck/Locked on 30 FPS

How to Fix Lords of the Fallen Stuck/Locked on 30 FPS?

Unlock FPS: First and foremost, you have to check the settings inside the game, whether the FPS is locked or not. Head over to the Nvidia Control Panel and in the Custom Game settings, unlock the FPS. Also, make sure no 3rd party software is locking FPS.

Lower Graphics: Head over to the Lords of the Fallen in-game graphics settings and reduce the preset to either Medium or Low. Also, try reducing the Resolution to increase your FPS.

Update Drivers: Use Nvidia Experience and AMD Adrenaline to download the latest GPU Drivers. Write an update on the Windows search bar and make sure all things are up to date.

Disable Vsync: In the game settings disable the Vsync to improve your FPS irrespective of what your Gaming Monitor can accommodate.

Change Display Settings: Head over to the Video Settings of Lords of the Fallen and from there change the Display Settings from Windowed to Fullscreen, or shuffle them around.

Restart and Close Applications: Background apps can drain your system of its resources, not performing to the fullest extent. Therefore, you should restart the system and in the task manager, close all unnecessary apps.

In Short: Lords of the Fallen Stuck or Locked on 30 FPS inside the COOP Multiplayer Mode is because of the game itself. On the contrary, the game stuck on 30 FPS in the campaign or story mode can be fixed by troubleshooting a few steps we have mentioned here in our guide.

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