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[Fixed] No PS5 Controller Buttons in Lords of the Fallen (LotF)

Lords of the Fallen can be effortlessly played on a Keyboard and Mouse, but for a peak sofa experience, you need either the PS5 Controller or the Xbox Series X/S Controller with you. As Microsoft owns both Xbox and Windows, the latter two work perfectly together. Unfortunately, when you attach your PS5 DualSense controller and start playing Lords of the Fallen, the Button Prompts don’t appear, or show the Xbox Controller Buttons. Both the Xbox and PlayStation Controllers have different button layouts, making it difficult for users to play Lords of the Fallen. There is a simple trick to help you troubleshoot the controller not working in LotF, so, let’s get to the fix below.

Playing Lords of the Fallen with a PS5 Controller doesn't show PlayStation Controller Button Prompts in the game. Instead, you have Xbox Controller Buttons.

How to show No PS5 Controller Buttons in Lords of the Fallen (LotF)?

Now, the first thing you need to do is attach your PS5 Controller to your PC, and close Steam. Go to the library, right-click on Lords of the Fallen (LotF), and then to the game properties. In the controller options, you will find “Disable Steam Input”.

It will not only stop showing the Xbox Button Prompts on the PS5 Controller, but your DualSense controller will also start working in Lords of the Fallen, properly with haptic feedback.


  • Open Steam
  • Go to Steam Library
  • Right-click on Lords of the Fallen
  • Go to Properties
  • Click on Controller
  • Disable the Steam Input

Save and exit! But, before you do that, you need to exit everything, including your controller being turned off, connect your controller to the system via a cable, and open Steam. Now, you can turn off the Steam Input.

Then, open Steam in the Big Picture Mode, and head over to the game Settings>Controller. From here, you can disable the Steam Input alongside other options.

You will now have a PS5 DualSense controller working in the game, and you will have the PS5 Controller Buttons available in Lords of the Fallen.

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