How to Use Ship Cargo Hold in Starfield

How to Use Ship Cargo Hold in Starfield

Like many Bethesda games, storage can quickly become a big problem in Starfield. This is due to the massive amounts of loot you’re rewarded in the game. Luckily, your ship’s cargo hold can serve as a good place to store all these hard-earned items. 

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t really tell you how to use this cargo hold. This article on How to Use Ship Cargo Hold in Starfield is here to help.

How to Use Ship Cargo Hold in Starfield

Where to find ship cargo hold?

In Starfield, each ship features a physical button you can press to access your cargo hold. The problem is that this button has a different location depending on your shop model. To make things easier, you can access your ship’s cargo hold from your main menu instead.

How to use ship cargo hold?

There are two main ways of accessing your ship’s cargo hold. Let’s discuss both of these below:

Via the cargo hold menu

The first way to use your ship’s cargo hold is via the cargo hold menu. To do this, you must either be inside your ship, within 250 meters of it, or in a major settlement like New Atlantis.

Next, open your menu and navigate to the ‘Ship’ screen at the bottom left. Then open the cargo hold and switch to inventory. From here, you can select any items you would like to store in your ship’s cargo hold. 

Via the Ship cockpit 

The second way to use your ship’s cargo hold is from inside your ship’s cockpit. To do this, board your ship and take the ladder up to the cockpit. There, look for something resembling a small computer built into the side walls of the cockpit. You will find this cargo hold panel on every ship, regardless of its model. 

Once you’ve located this cargo hold panel, interact with it to open a pop-up menu. You can easily access both your inventory and the ship’s cargo hold from here, storing and retrieving items as you please.


  • Contraband items stored in the cargo hold can be discovered in security scans and land you in prison. You can avoid this by buying Shielded Cargo Holds.
  • There isn’t any limit on what items you can store in your cargo hold, but there is a mass limit. You can install additional cargo holds or upgrade to a larger ship to increase this mass limit.
  • Invest in the Payloads skill to increase your cargo hold storage up to 50 percent per tier.
How to Use Ship Cargo Hold in Starfield


Use the cargo hold menu or interact with the cargo hold panel inside the cockpit to store and retrieve items from your ship’s cargo. We hope this guide on How to Use Ship Cargo Hold in Starfield helps. As always, happy gaming!

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