Immortals of Aveum Camera Shake, Bob and Jittering

Immortals of Aveum Camera Shake, Bob and Jittering

Immortals of Aveum was recently launched and the game is spectacular. Yes, it does have Denuvo Anti Cheat as its main system against hackers, but that definitely takes a toll on the game’s performance. But, because of the reputation of EA in their previous games, things are quite unsettling. Here in this guide, we are going to share with you details on Immortals of Aveum Camera Shake, Bob and Jittering, so let’s get to the details below.

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Introduction to Immortals of Aveum

Immortals of Aveum is a long-awaited FPS Shooter game under EA publishing but developed by Ascendant Studios. The game is pretty much new, so that means, you can play it on the latest consoles (Xbox Series X/S, PS5), as well as Windows PC.

Set in a Fantasy world filled with magic and futuristic tech, everything is military-based here. The world is beautiful, and the graphics are really crisp, as well as rich looking. That is why you might need a bombastic system to run this.

Typically, just as any similar game has a story, you are set in a world where two forces have conflict and fight one another. Being the protagonist, you were set to be the Magnus Battle Mage.

There are 3 colors of magic and rarely do you see someone have all the magic colors. Therefore, you, being the main character, were known to wield all 3 Colors of Magic, making one-self the Triarch.

The anti-forces, under the Rasharn, are the antagonist of the story. Just as fate has written, the Triarch is the only one who can fight with Rasharn himself, putting an end to this fight, once and for all.

Immortals of Aveum Camera Shake, Bob and Jittering

Fix Immortals of Aveum Camera Shake, Bob and Jittering

While you are playing the game, you might feel like the game has some type of lag to it. There is strange jittering or camera shake that makes the game unplayable. Well, this has everything to do with the settings.

To Fix Immortals of Aveum Shaking, Jittering or Camera Bob, you will have to go to the options inside the game. Then, proceed to the Accessibility Setting. You will find an option that says “Camera Shake”, and “Camera Bob”.

Turn both of these options off and the game will turn Smooth as Butter for the time being. Hope this helps!

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