How to Complete Still Mouthwatering Quest in Genshin Impact

How to Complete Still Mouthwatering Quest in Genshin Impact

Having trouble with the Still Mouthwatering! Fontaine world quest ending Henry’s story? This guide on How to Complete Still Mouthwatering Quest in Genshin Impact covers everything you need to know.

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How to Complete the Still Mouthwatering Quest?

Complete Truly Mouthwatering!

The Still Mouthwatering! World Quest is the second part of the Truly Mouthwatering! World Quest. As such, you need to complete the Truly Mouthwatering! Quest to get access to Still Mouthwatering!

Collect 7 Mysterious Cores

After completing Truly Mouthwatering!, Henri will task you to find 7 Mysterious Cores. Let’s cover how to get each of these below:

First Mysterious Core

For your first Mysterious Core, head south of the West Slope of Automnequi. See that floating Pneumousia Machine above the field? You’ll have to complete its challenge to get the chest with the Mysterious Core inside it.

To do this, you must balance the machine’s energy with Pneuma and Ousia Blocks. You can do this by attacking it with blocks opposite its alignment. Collect the Pneuma Block in front of the trees and use a long-distance attack to hit the Pneumousia Machine. This will summon a wave of enemies. Fight them and repeat the process twice.

Finally, you’ll succeed in destroying the machine, and a Precious Chest will drop down. Open it to get a bunch of cool stuff, including a Mysterious Core.

Second Mysterious Core

Make your way to the fishing spot on a beach east of Elynas. When you get there, you’ll see a Pneumousia Machine along with a Pneumosa Block behind some nearby crates. Pick the block up. This will summon a blue platform leading up to the machine. 

You can use this blue platform to attack the machine up close or use a long-range attack. Either way will make the platform disappear and summon a wave of enemies. Defeat them and pick up your next block to make the platform reappear. Attack the machine and repeat the entire process once more to get a Precious Chest. Open it to get your second Mysterious Core. 

Third Mysterious Core

You can find the third Mysterious Core next to the waterfall west of Elynas. Like the second Core, the Pneumousia Machine puzzle here involves blue platforms on top of the regular blocks. 

To complete the puzzle, pick the Ousia Block right in front of you and make your way up the blue platforms. Hit the machine with the block. This will make the platform under you disappear and summon a wave of enemies. Defeat them and repeat the process two more times with blocks opposite in alignment with the machine. 

The Pneumousia Machine will burst to reveal a Precious Chest. Open it to get a Mysterious Core.

Fourth Mysterious Core

This is your first underwater Mysterious Core. To get it, head south of the Salacia Plain and just by the Pale Forgotten Glory domain. You’ll see the Pneumousia Machine behind you once you’re underwater. 

Swim past it towards a boulder with glowing cracks. Absorb an Armored Crab Fontemer Aberrant’s power and destroy it to reveal an Ousia Block. Pick it up and hit the Pneumousia Machine with it. 

Then fight the enemies that spawn. Repeat the process till you get the Precious Chest. Interact with it to get your fourth Mysterious Core.

Fifth Mysterious Core

You can find the fifth Mysterious Core towards the center of the Salacia plain, just west of the Teleport Waypoint. This is also an underwater core. Fight the enemies near the Pneumousia Machine and then activate an Echoing Conch. Dig up the marked locations to get a Pneumosa Block.

Hit the machine with it, fight the resulting enemies, and repeat the entire process. Keep at it until the machine drops a Precious Chest with another Mysterious Core.

Sixth Mysterious Core

For the sixth Mysterious Core, head towards the northern part of the Salacia Plain. This is also an underwater location, so be prepared. Look around to see a Pneumousia Block on a big umbrella-like seaweed. Pick it up. Then attack the Pneumousia Machine.

Fight the enemies that spawn and repeat the entire process twice to get your hands on a Precious Chest. Open it to get a Mysterious Core. 

Seventh Mysterious Core

You’ll find your seventh Mysterious Core along the entrance to the Talatta Submarine Canyon. This is south of the initial Teleport Waypoint and also underwater.

To get the Core, swim around till you see a Pneumousia Block trapped in Fontemer Grass. Use the Hunter Ray Fontemer Aberrant to cut this grass off and free the block. Hit the Pneumousia Machine with this block, fight downed enemies, and repeat till you get the  Precious Chest. Open it to get your last Mysterious Core.

Talk to Henri

After acquiring all 7 Mysterious Cores, return to Henri to speak with him. Transfer him the cores and stay with him to wait for his “boss.” But this boss is none other than an agent of Fatui. Luckily, Hunter and Ternet will arrive in time to deal with the villain.

Afterward, you’ll learn that the machines you destroyed were actually water purification systems. Henri’s boss tricked him into believing they were something nefarious. But no worries. Hunter and Ternet only need the cores to get everything running again. 

The duo will then ask Henri to help them take away his “boss”, essentially offering him a job at the Research Center. The four will then leave, and the cutscene will end. You will not receive any direct reward, but two precious chests will appear nearby. Open them.

And last but not least, pick up the Mouthwatering Roast Chicken on the ground before you leave. This will get you a Delicious Sweet Madame and unlock the Truly Mouthwatering! achievement worth 5 primo gems from the “Wonders of the World” section. 

How to Complete Still Mouthwatering Quest in Genshin Impact


You must collect all 7 Mysterious Cores and speak to Henri. We hope this guide on How to Complete Still Mouthwatering Quest in Genshin Impact helps. As always, happy gaming!

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