Is Netflix Wednesday Season 2 Canceled?

Is Netflix Wednesday Season 2 Canceled?

Netflix’s Wednesday is a popular mystery thriller series that was released in 2022 and quickly gained a huge fan base. There were 8 episodes in Wednesday Season 1. The new Netflix series is directed by Tim Burton. The series is Burton’s Television directorial debut. After the release of season 1, it broke the Stranger Things Season 4 record. However, there are rumors circulating that Wednesday Season 2 is canceled and Wednesday is leaving Netflix.

WhatsonNetflix confirmed that Wednesday is not leaving Netflix anytime soon. These rumors started after Amazon bought MGM Television which is behind the Netflix Wednesday Production. Netflix owns the series till 2032. So, they have the right to renew or cancel or remove the series entirely from their streaming platform.

Is Netflix Wednesday Season 2 Canceled?

Is Wednesday Season 2 Canceled?

As of now, there has been no official announcement from Netflix or the show’s creators about the cancellation of Wednesday Season 2. However, it has been almost two months since the release of the first season and there has been no news about a second season. This has led many fans to speculate that the show has been canceled.

The final episode ended on a cliffhanger. After Wednesday saved the day by defeating Ms.Thornhill who was the mastermind behind all the murders, she received a Strange Text on her brand-new iPhone.

Until there is an official announcement, it is best to keep an open mind and enjoy the first season of Wednesday.

Is Netflix Wednesday Season 2 Canceled?

Will Netflix Renew It?

As Netflix still owns the right to Wednesday, there is a high chance that Netflix will renew the series. However, there are many famous Netflix Original series that got canceled in 2022.


There could be a variety of reasons why Wednesday Season 2 was not renewed yet. It could be that the show’s creators and Netflix could not come to an agreement on a second season. Without any official announcement, it is difficult to know the exact reason for the cancellation.

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