Who is Wednesday Addam's Stalker?

Who is Wednesday Addam’s Stalker?

Netflix’s Wednesday proved to be a great hit for the streaming platform. The Netflix series has quickly gained. Netflix’s Wednesday is viewed for 335 million hours in the first week of its release breaking the Stranger Things Season 4 record. Netflix has not announced anything about Wednesday season 2, but judging by the performance of the series Wednesday will be renewed soon.

However, fans are excited to know what will happen in season 2 of the series. The final episode ended on a cliffhanger. After Wednesday saved the day by defeating Ms.Thornhill who was the mastermind behind all the murders, she received a Strange Text on her brand-new iPhone. Xavier, who might be the new boyfriend in Season 2 as Tyler is out of the picture, gifted the phone to Wednesday. The text included several pictures of Wednesday and a sneaky eye emoji.

The pictures matched the pictures Wednesday saw at Ms.Thornhill’s house. Also, the pictures indicated that the stalker might be one of the students of Nevermore or someone close to Wednesday. There are a lot of entertaining theories that can predict what will happen in season 2 of the series. However, these are the few characters that could be the next villains in season 2.

Who is Wednesday Addam's Stalker?

Sheriff Galpin

Sherif Galpin might be watching or keeping an eye on Wednesday after Tyler’s arrest. He blames Nevermore’s outcast for all the chaos in the town. So, it makes sense why he would threaten Wednesday. Also, he wants Wednesday to stay silent about Jericho’s history and the truth about Tyler’s mother.

Lucas Walker

Lucas and Wednesday had a bittersweet relationship throughout season 1. Wednesday also beat him up twice. But, things got better between them when Lucas helped Wednesday and made her realize that Laurel Gates is still alive. But, Lucas still might hold Wednesday responsible for his father’s death due to the hatred between Gates and Addams’s families. Also, Lucas could have been present at the coffee house when Wednesday and Tyler had coffee.

Vincent Thorpe

Xavier’s father Vincent Thorpe never appeared in season 1. However, Xavier’s father is a celebrity psychic, but he is also a bad father as he missed his parents’ weekend at Nevermore. Also, Xavier had a weird and eerie connection to Tyler’s Hyde which can also be related to his father. That is why Vincent might have threatened Wednesday to stay away from his son as she also got him arrested. Vincent Thorpe has the potential to be the villain in season 2 because of his power and influence.

Final Words

Despite the positive reviews Wednesday has received on Netflix, it is unclear whether the series will continue. Although fans are waiting for Netflix to renew the show, the network has not confirmed a renewal. A new villain may be explored in the second season. There’s no word on who it may be yet, but it would be a fun addition to the story.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.