Beautiful Disaster 2 Release Date: Will Dylan Sprouse Return?

Beautiful Disaster 2 Release Date: Will Dylan Sprouse Return?

Dylan Sprouse and Virginia Gardener are returning for another Disaster. Based on the book by Jamie McGuire. Beautiful Disaster follows the life of a good girl Abby Abernathy. Abby is a typical good girl who stays away from drinking and partying. But, soon her life becomes different when she meets Travis Maddox who is covered in tattoos and spends his time earning money by fighting in a ring. Things become complicated when Travis makes a simple bet with Abby.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Beautiful Disaster 2 Release Date, the upcoming sequel of Beautiful Disaster.

Beautiful Disaster 2 Release Date: Will Dylan Sprouse Return?

Beautiful Disaster 2 Release Date

The first movie hit the theatres on April 12, 2023. Voltage Pictures announced the news about the sequel way before the first movie even got out. Dylan Sprouse shared the news about the sequel on his Instagram.

“Beautiful 2 baby! Let’s goooo,” he shared on on his Instagram in December 2022. “Green lighting a sequel before the first hits theatre?! All gas no brake.”

All the cast members shared their excitement about the sequel getting a green light from the creators. If the movie follows the timeline of the first movie then the sequel will be released in 2024. There is no news about the official release date of the movie yet.


The sequel might follow the book “A Beautiful Wedding”. The official logline of the second movie is;

“Abby and Travis wake up after a crazy night in Vegas confused, hungover, and — to their shock — married!” the description reads. “So they do what any college-age newlyweds who barely know each other would do: they honeymoon in Mexico with their best friends and family! Is this marriage their destiny, or just another disaster?”

Virginia Gardner revealed that she did not focus too much on the source material as the movie deviated from the original book. She revealed that they wanted to make the movie feel more like 2023 as the original book was released 10 years ago.So, there is a possibility that the sequel might not follow the book.


Dylan Sprouse and Virginia Gardner will be reprising their roles of Travis and Abby. Also, Libe Bare, Austin North, Jack Hesketh, and Trevor Van Uden will be back for the sequel. Both Dylan and Virginia share great chemistry in real life too. Also, during an interview with the Pop Culturist, Virginia Gardener shared that both of them did improvise lines. She revealed that in a scene she yelled at Dylan and it was not scripted.

She said the director Roger Kumble told her to yell at Dylan Sprouse;

“Tell him you’re going to kill him when you get your period.” So I yelled that at him. I never thought it was going to make the movie, and it did. I don’t know how I feel about that.”

Fans are so excited to see both of them sharing the same chemistry for a sequel.

Beautiful Disaster 2 Release Date: Will Dylan Sprouse Return?


The movie received an average rating of 5.3 on IMDb 33 score on Rotten Tomatoes. There are so many similar movies like My Fault, Through My Window, and Kissing Booth that fans can watch until the sequel of Beautiful Disaster hits theatres in 2024.

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