Is Tingyun Dead in Honkai Star Rail?

Is Tingyun Dead in Honkai Star Rail?

So, there have been some theories going on the internet that Tingyun might die in the game. There are obvious reasons for that because of the dialogue from Phantylia. Is Tingyun Dead in Honkai Star Rail? Let’s get to the details below.

Is Tingyun Dead in Honkai Star Rail?

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Why is there speculation of Tingyun Dying?

In the boss fight of Honkai Star Rail 1.2 Update, we saw that Phantylia created her body. She also mentioned about power of the tree. It can resurrect and also manifest oneself.

So, that is pretty much a point toward the fact that she resurrected Tingyun’s Body and also manifested her. It was done to make her a base for the Phantylia body that you are basically fighting in the final boss fight of the game.

What is the same between Phantylia and Tingyun Body?

Following are the things that are completely the same here;

  • They both have a Fan as a weapon
  • Both of them have the similar body build
  • Phantylia has 2 large ears that resemble Fox

Why didn’t Phantylia leave Tingyun’s Body?

The reason is obvious, both of them have completely the same structure in the game. She didn’t leave the body when the neck of Tingyun’s Body snapped because of al these factors.

The Arboreal Boots turned to a dragon shape after Dan Feng used the power to seal it. Do you remember those? Well, it could be something similar happening to Phantylia using the power of the roots.

Is Tingyun Dead in Honkai Star Rail?

The Verdict

In short, yes, Tingyun is pretty much Dead in Honkai Star Rail. Phantylia has her body because of the obvious attachments and similarities. They both have the same weapon, the same outlook, the same ears, and so on. Phantylia also said that the tree of power can resurrect and manifest. So, something similar was done to resurrect Tingyun’s Body and Manifest her for personal benefit.

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