Marvel Spider-Man 2 Lagging and Stuttering on PS5

Marvel Spider-Man 2 Lagging and Stuttering on PS5

Sony’s PlayStation 5 just launched their brand new Spider-Man 2, the second installment of the popular Spider-Man video game series. This time around, the game is based on the multiverse, where Peter Parker and Miles Morales take a step forward with their personal lives and struggle to do so because of all the villains.

Kraven with his mercenaries, Sand-Man with his criminal mindset, the shadow Lizard, and the black suit from symbiote Venom, all are here to give you a difficult time around. But, you have different suites to help you in the game with different situations.

Being exclusive to the PlayStation 5, players occasionally found themself suffering from Marvel Spider-Man 2 Lagging, and Stuttering on PS5. There are multiple reasons behind it, including updates, overheating, and databases.

PS5 Spider-Man 2 is a heavy and spec-driven game, meaning it is going to give you a hard time on your PlayStation 5. Let’s expand the topic and get back straight to fixing the PS5 lagging and stuttering problem while playing on PlayStation 5.

Marvel Spider-Man 2 Lagging and Stuttering on PS5

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How to Fix Marvel Spider-Man 2 Lagging and Stuttering on PS5?

Following are the methods to fix Spider-Man 2 Lagging and Stuttering on PS5 (PlayStation 5).

Update Game

The first thing you need to do is update Spider-Man 2 on your PlayStation 5. Sometimes the game client is not up-to-date, and it results in the game lagging or stuttering.

So, head over to the Spider-Man 2 on the PS5 Store, and update the game. Restart your PS5 afterward and see whether that fixed the issue or not. The updates are also the probable cause behind the game not starting, launching, or opening.

Update Console

Go to the PS5 Settings and from there to System. In the System Software, you will find an option that says “System Software Update and Settings”. If there is a new update available, then Update Available will appear. You can update your PS5, as it will help you fix the PS5 Spider-Man 2 Lagging on PS5.

Check Overheating

The number one cause of Games suddenly starting to Lag or Stutter on PlayStation 5 (PS5), are due to the console getting overheated. There are multiple ways to fix that.

  • Don’t put your PS5 in direct sunlight or a heated area
  • Have a distance of feet or more from a wall or anything
  • Clean your PS5, and apply thermal paste on the CPU
  • Put on a solid, and heat-resistant surface

Rebuild PS5 Database

If you encounter Spider-Man 2 Stuttering and Lagging on PS5 and can’t fix it in any way possible, then Rebuilding your PS5 Database is a neat option.

  • Turn Off PS5
  • Unplug everything
  • Press the Power Button and Hold it (7 Seconds)
  • Two Beep Sounds
  • After the Second Beep, Release the Button
  • PS5 Safe Mode will open
  • Connect Controller with USB
  • PS Button on Controller
  • Go to Clear Cache and Rebuild Database
  • Go to Rebuild Database
  • Ok

After a while, it will Rebuild the PS5 Database and you can Restart PS5. Hopefully, it will Fix Spider-Man 2 Lagging, and Stuttering on PS5, along with the crashing, and freezing issues.

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