Too Many Bots in Naraka Bladepoint

Naraka Bladepoint Bad Connection Error – Fixed!

Naraka Bladepoint was recently made a free-to-play game for the community and they are going wild. All the previous players are coming back, while the gamers who just wanted to enjoy the game got it without paying a penny. Recently, players were stuck on Naraka Bladepoint Bad Connection Error, where players couldn’t basically do anything. Let’s get to fixing them here.

Naraka Bladepoint Bad Connection Error - Fixed!

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What’s the reason behind Bad Connection Error?

The obvious and most technical reason behind Bad Connection Error in Naraka Bladepoint is SSD. When your SSD Storage reaches 100 percent utilization from time to time, it results in this error.

Alongside this, the game will start dropping FPS and bottleneck. All of this combined results in the Red Ping as well.

How to Fix Naraka Bladepoint Bad Connection Error

  • Windows Updates that are in the background are making the SSD Space 100 percent utilized. You can simply make sure that the updates are done and that there is nothing in the background that can result in Naraka Bad Connection Error.
  • Emptying your SSD is also something that you need to take into account here. The best practice is to simply have 20 percent free space in the SSD to run it optimally. Take out the extra stuff from there and shift that to another disk.

Now, one more thing to mention here is that if you are on an HDD, then the reason is definitely your Hard Disk on its own. The solutions we provided are for the players who have the game on SSD and still having this issue.

Naraka Bladepoint Bad Connection Error - Fixed!

The Verdict

All the games nowadays have SSD in their recommendation. The reason behind this is game crashing, network issues, power outages, background utilization, and requirements. If you try to play the games on HDD, these issues are typically faced along with more heavy requirements. Naraka Bladepoint Bad Connection Error is also because of a similar situation. But, in case, you have the issue on your SSD, then it could be because of 100 percent utilization of SSD. Try emptying some space and making sure that are no programs running in the background, especially Windows updates.

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