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Chinese Spyware Propaganda Explained in Naraka Bladepoint

Recently some players found out that the Chinese Game Naraka Bladepoint was somehow farming personal data including the Windows, Console, and Smartphone. Is it true? Well, here we got an explanation guide on Chinese Spyware Propaganda in Naraka Bladepoint.

Chinese Spyware Propaganda Explained in Naraka Bladepoint

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What is Chinese Spyware in Naraka Bladepoint?

Naraka Bladepoint uses strange software that protects from hackers or cheaters. This software is seen asking you for strange things like personal information, Steam password, and so on.

Now, it goes beyond that. You sometimes get CCP Bad error, Data Farming Bad, and things like these. This means they are basically reading your data.

Should you be concerned about Chinese Farming your data in Naraka Bladepoint?

No, you shouldn’t because nearly all the companies are doing these kind of things. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, Steam, Games, Discord, and you name it.

Everything you use on the Internet has access to your data. So, basically, you shouldn’t be worrying about Chinese Farming your Data in Naraka Bladepoint.

How to Tackle Chinese Spyware?

To tackle this, you need to limit your data. This includes getting a separate system and smartphone for work, gaming, tech, and so on.

You don’t have to get hi-fi tech every time. Even a small phone for calling and personal work is technical. You just have to provide minimum personal information and make sure you are not taking that with you everywhere.

For the users of Windows, you can simply get your hands on a system that is running Linux. It is an open-source Operating System that doesn’t have spyware, malware, or things that steal your personal data.

Don’t click unknown links, don’t go through strange websites, and never share your email, especially passwords. Hope this helps!

Chinese Spyware Propaganda Explained in Naraka Bladepoint

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