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Naraka Bladepoint Invitation Codes Not Working

Naraka Bladepoint just went free-to-play and it is gaining a lot of audience recently. The most fun part about the game is you invite others and then play with your friends. That’s the beauty of this game, but recently players were having trouble with Naraka Bladepoint Invitation Codes Not Working. Let’s discuss that below.

Naraka Bladepoint Invitation Codes Not Working

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Why are Naraka Bladepoint Invitation Codes Not Working?

The reason for the codes not working is that they say these codes are invalid or can’t be used on the same server. There is nothing wrong with the codes here because many players are using their codes and they work flawlessly.

So, the Torchbearer is platform specific, meaning you can’t use the PC Code for PS players or other console players as well. The Console ones are specific to Console players and PC Codes are specific to PC players.

Therefore, when you are using the Torchbearer Invite Code from PS, then they are going to work only for the PS players. This goes the same way for PC players as well. The cross-platform isn’t available for the Torchbearer Invite Codes.

Fix Naraka Bladepoint Invitation Codes Not Working

The reason for the code not working is that the Torchbearer Invite Code is specific to the platform, as there is no cross-platform here.

If you are sending from the same devices, then the issue might be that you are using the wrong code there. Some players confuse the 2nd Anniversary Reservation Code with the Torchbearer Invitation Code.

You need to check back on these and make sure you are using the right code. A person named ManlyTuna, mentioned his Invitation Code “DCTRMX” that you can also use to invite other players if the need be.

Naraka Bladepoint Invitation Codes Not Working

The Verdict

When the Naraka Bladepoint Invitation Codes are Not Working, then the reason might be because of cross-platforming. The Torchbearer Invite Codes don’t work because they don’t allow the console players to invite PC players and vice versa. It could also be that you are using the wrong Invitation Codes. Sometimes the 2nd Anniversary Reservation Codes are confused with the Torchbearer Invitation Codes.

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