How to Get First Free Character in Naraka Bladepoint

Naraka Bladepoint Hero Coins Explained!

Hero Coins are the latest in-game currency that is replacing Tae, the previous currency in the game. Using the Hero Coins you can get new Heroes that are launched occasionally in the game. Here we have the Naraka Bladepoint Hero Coins Explanation Guide where we share with you all of its details.

Naraka Bladepoint Hero Coins Explained!

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Are Hero Coins Replacing Tae?

Yes, Tae is being replaced by Hero Coins in Naraka Bladepoint. It will affect the future character unlocks and how the system actually works.

Can you Exchange Tae for Hero Coins?

Yes, you can exchange the previous Tae that you owned with Hero Coins. This will allow you to utilize the Tae to unlock characters.

Hero Coins in Free to Play Vs Bought Game

Now, the real change is that the Free to Play Players can only get limited Hero Coins, somewhere around 35 each week. The people who bought the game can have unlimited Hero Coins daily.

You will need 100 Hero Coins to unlock a character that comes somewhere after 3 to 4 months, so it basically balances out on its own.

Naraka Bladepoint Hero Coins Explained!

The Verdict

With the release of the new Free-To-Play Naraka Bladepoint, there has been an introduction to a new in-game currency called Hero Coins. You can use those to get yourself some new characters, but they are limited for F2P Players. Yes, the ones who bought the game have unlimited earnings of Hero Coins. If you have remaining Tae in your account, you can exchange those for Hero Coins.

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