Netflix Everything Now is Canceled: Is It True?

Netflix Everything Now is Canceled: Is It True?

Netflix’s new show “Everything Now” is expected to win the hearts of Sex Education fans. As Sex Education comes to an end with its fourth and final season, Netflix is trying to find a replacement for the hit teenage show. Everything Now has Sophie Wilde as the lead character, who rose to fame after appearing in A24’s horror film “Talk to Me”. The show follows the life of teenage Mia Polanco who returns to her school after being released from rehab for anorexia. She collaborates with her friends on a F*ck It Bucket list to enjoy all the things she has missed while being away at rehab.

Release Date

Netflix has not officially announced the renewal of the show. It is too early to assume the fate of the show. If Everything Now performs well on the platform then fans can expect the newer season in autumn. However, the show failed to make it to the top 10 list, so it means that the show did not even get 1.6 million viewing times. The underwhelming response might lead to the cancellation of the show. Netflix is notorious for canceling shows with low viewership.

Netflix Everything Now is Canceled: Is It True?


But, if Netflix decides to renew the show what will happen? Mia is seen struggling with anorexia but shes determined to complete her list. The devastating news of Jenna’s death because of anorexia also becomes saddening for Mia. Also, Mia confesses her feelings for Carli. The pair were seen kissing each other but it was interrupted by Carli’s boyfriend Cam. The feelings between Carli and Mia can make things complicated for the group. By the end of season one, Mia was seen eating again and making a new list. What will be on the list? it will be revealed in the new season.

Also, after episode 6 the show’s perspective changed a little and we were given an insight into Alex’s feelings about Mia’s food disorder. There is the possibility of Cam and Becca dating each other.

The showrunner Ripely Parker wanted she wanted no one’s sexuality to be the plot of the show. She revealed in an interview with Glamour UK;

“I think many, maybe most, of the key romantic relationships portrayed in the show are queer relationships. But at no point does anyone need to come out or assign a label,

she continued;

“Sexuality is viewed in society, due to the trauma, prejudice, and difficulty that can be attached to navigating sexuality offscreen. However, she stressed it was important for both queer and straight youth to see a portrayal of sexuality that is “just a part of who you are — it doesn’t need to be something that makes your life harder”.


All the previous cast members will be returning to reprise their roles. Sophie Wilde will be continuing her role as Mia in the up-coming seasons.


Netflix has not officially announced the future of Everything Now, but there is still hope for the show if Netflix wants to keep the audience of shows like “Sex Education” entertained.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.