Netflix Lucifer Revival - Will Chloe and Rory Return?

Netflix Lucifer Revival – Will Chloe and Rory Return?

Lucifer came to an end with its final season 6, but there is good news for the fans Tom Ellis has revealed that there is going to be a Lucifer revival show. Lucifer followed the adventures of Ellis and detective Chloe Decker for the first few seasons, but the show became darker with each season. Season 6 had an emotional ending as we saw Lucifer leaving behind his wife Chloe and time-traveling daughter Rory. Now there is news about the renewal of Lucifer.

Netflix Lucifer Revival - Will Chloe and Rory Return?t

Release Date

Lucifer has a history of multiple renewals. Season 5 of the series was supposed to be the final season of Lucifer, but then Netflix announced that there will be a final sixth season so the decision of show creators to release season 7 of Lucifer is not shocking. Creators have left exciting comments about the future of Lucifer, but Netflix has to announce the release date for season 7 officially.

Netflix Lucifer Revival - Will Chloe and Rory Return?

Will Chloe return for season 7 of Lucifer?

Tom Ellis’s Lucifer story is incomplete without Chloe Decker and their daughter, Rory. Lucifer decided to leave his daughter behind to become the therapist in Hell to help them hell loops and find redemption. Rory’s time travel created circumstances and timelines that required him to be in Hell so Rory’s adult self could exist in the future.

if Netflix decides to renew Lucifer for season 7, we could expect Chloe to return and we can witness Chloe’s journey as a lieutenant also we will get to see Linda raising Charlie or season 7 could follow Rory’s life and events. Amenadiel also became a God by the end of the season, so a season dedicated to Lucifer’s brother is also a good option.

Tom Ellis’s response to season 7 revival

Tom Ellis’s response suggests that the actor is not happy about the revival of the Lucifer. The actor believes that Lucifer’s story is complete and that a revival is not a good option. So, sadly if the creators decide on the revival, it is not clear if Tom Ellis will be returning to play the role.

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