The Brothers Sun Season 2: Will Mama Sun Become Dragon Head

The Brothers Sun Season 2: Will Mama Sun Become Dragon Head

Netflix has created a new binge-worthy show for the audience, The Brothers Sun—the action-comedy stars Oscar-winning actress Michelle Yeoh. The Brothers Sun follows the life of a family immersed in crime.

The first season has impressed the audience. The Brothers Sun has a 7.7 rating on IMDb and an 83% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The audience is curious if Brad Falchuk’s creation is going to be renewed for another season.

The Brothers Sun Season 2: Will Mama Sun Become Dragon Head

Is The Brothers Sun Renewed For Season 2?

No, Netflix has not officially announced the renewal of season 2. Most shows are going towards the mini-series format these days, it is clear that The Brothers Sun has a lot to offer. The writers revealed in an interview with Deadline when asked about season 2,

Listen, we’d love to do season 2. Let’s hope we get those Netflix numbers going. And for me, I’m just hoping we get season two. This is my first, well I don’t know, show. I think my only other credit on IMDb is like an AFI short film.” 

Will Mama Sun take her place at the Dragon Triad

We saw Charles getting instructed to kill his brother Bruce. But, he finally decides to support his mother and Bruce. In the closing moments of season 1, its Bruce who shot Big Sun and freed his family from the influence of the man who made their lives miserable.

As Big Sun dies in the hospital, Eileen becomes the descendant to the throne. Eileen then announces that she is heading to Taiwan to handle the family business and to become the Dragon Head amongst the triad gangs. Charles also accompanied his mother to support her decision to go to Taiwan.

However, we will also see Bruce getting involved in the underworld. It is clear we will be seeing more gang action in season 2.

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