Netflix Virgin River Is Doc Mel's father?

Netflix Virgin River Is Doc Mel’s father?

Virgin River’s season 5 premiered on September 7 and was full of shocking twists and heartbreak. But, Virgin River fans will be excited to learn that Netflix is releasing two additional Christmas special episodes. It will be the first time fans will be witnessing Christmas in Virgin River. Also, there are a lot of unanswered questions from season 5 that need to be answered.

Release Date

Virgin River has become one of the most loved shows on Netflix. That is why Netflix decided to renew the show for season 6. Season 5 part 2 will be released on 20 November. Netflix has also released a trailer for the special two-episodes which gave fans a glimpse of what will happen in the future.

Virgin River Is Doc Mel’s father?

Mel’s father is from the Virgin River

In the trailer, Mel was seen revealing to her Fiance Jack that “We did it”, and “We found my father”. Fans already have a wild theory that Mel’s father is Vernon Mullins known as “Doc” in the town, Mel’s former boss.

However, Doc being Mel’s father may seem out of the field to the fans, but there are some theories that are convincing. It was believed Vernon Mullins never had children, but it was revealed in the season 3 finale that Vernon had an affair and had a son. He got to know about his son when his grandson Denny appeared. So, there is a possibility that Mel and Doc are somehow related.

What happened to Mel and Jack’s baby?

Fans were excited to learn about Mel and Jack’s baby in season 4. But, sadly the show had a heartbreaking plot twist for the couple. Due to the wildfires, Mel had to help other people and she injured herself. Later, she checks herself and she is bleeding, an ultrasound confirms the sad news that she has lost the baby. Mel and Jack had a tough time dealing with the loss of their child. Director Martin Wood explain why it was important to show the miscarriage scene.

“I think Alex (actor Alexandra Breckenridge) did such a beautiful job of making it so deeply personal,” he says. “That breakdown that she had was so visceral, for the camera operators, for me, and for everybody that was in the room.”

he revealed that showing the reality of a miscarriage was an important and powerful decision, rather than skipping past the moment of realization.

“This doesn’t happen usually on television … you usually have the after-effect, but you don’t get the impetus”

Martin Wood also revealed that why the show deviated a lot from the book;

“That’s true for so many of the storylines. And if you’re a fan of the book, you’ll go, ‘Oh, what’s happening? Where did this person come from?'” he says. “There’s a point when the TV part of it has to take over because you don’t have that ability to be able to string an audience on a long arc the way that a book sometimes does.”

Will Mel and Jack have a family?

Virgin River also addressed the difficult topic of dealing with the loss of a child and infertility. Mel’s character was seen struggling with the idea of never having a biological child. But, by the end of the season, she becomes hopeful that she can have a family with Jack someday.

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