Online Phone Numbers: The Secret Weapon to Safeguard Your Web Privacy

Online Phone Numbers: The Secret Weapon to Safeguard Your Web Privacy

There has been a significant rise in the frequency of data breaches and thefts in the past few years, leading to more and more people falling victim to fraudulent text messages or emails and phone scams. However, it is not the main issue when speaking about online privacy. The main issue is that a lot of people have no idea how to stay safe from this, although there is a simple solution. You can avoid possible harm from this kind of fraud by using online phone numbers instead of your personal phone number when signing up for websites and apps.

Online Phone Numbers: The Secret Weapon to Safeguard Your Web Privacy

Benefits of online numbers

Internet users have always had a strong need for such numbers. The reason for their popularity is the multiple important benefits they bring to the table. First and foremost, they are distinguished by their simple use. You don’t have to go anywhere unlike when it comes to purchasing a SIM card. Getting and using online numbers is a process that takes place completely on the web. The following are the other advantages of these numbers:

  • Low cost. Most often one online phone number costs around $0.50, which is far less than the cost of a SIM card from a cellular provider. This makes it an inexpensive and affordable tool for everyone.
  • Complete privacy. It is not possible to either text and call online numbers or find out where their users are located. Moreover, since they were never used before, there is no history about them on the internet.
  • Global accessibility. Since these numbers are provided by online services, they are available for purchase and use in every country in the world. Everything that you need is a device with an internet connection.

Going back to the topic of privacy, users can also benefit from one more distinctive and unique feature of online phone numbers. This feature is an opportunity to use numbers from other countries without visiting them in person. For example, even if you are living in the US or Netherlands, you can easily use online numbers to receive SMS China. This is not prohibited and will only add to your privacy.

Newcomers frequently question whether using online numbers is not prohibited by law. But there is no need to be concerned about this. They are not restricted by any country. They are widely used by both individuals and well-known big businesses that offer their services on the Internet. Online numbers are designed specifically for registering accounts on various websites and apps, so there won’t be any issues if you use them for this purpose.

How to receive SMS with online phone number?

Recently, there appeared a lot of different companies that offer these numbers. Users have really a great choice. However, not every company provides services that are good overall. Some offer low-quality numbers, while others ask for their solutions too much. Choosing a good provider is crucial to avoid possible issues and minimize expenses.

SMS-Man is among the companies that can satisfy even the pickiest customer. Five years after the launch, they have provided their services to over a million users. They give an opportunity to buy an online phone number in one of more than a hundred countries. Below is a detailed and complete guide on how to take advantage of their offers:

  • Create an account on and log in with your new profile.
  • Use one of the several options shown on the payment page to top up the balance.
  • Proceed to the main page and choose the country where the online number will be issued.
  • Find the service you want to use the number for on the next tab after the tab with countries.
  • Click on the “Buy” button.

Half of the task is completed. You will be provided with an online phone number that can be used to create a private and secure account on the required platform automatically. Its usage follows the same process as using a regular phone number. Simple as it is.

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