Netflix Heartstopper Season 3: Sebastian Croft is leaving Heartstopper

Netflix Heartstopper Season 3: Sebastian Croft is leaving Heartstopper

Netflix’s heartstopper season 2 has come to an end. As the show comes to an end, it is confirmed that both Nick and Charlie have feelings for each other. The show is based on the graphic novel by Alice Oseman and instantly became a worldwide success on Netflix. Alice Oseman’s graphic book collection has a loyal fan following all around the world. The show has an 8.6 rating on IMDb and a 98 score on RottenTomatoes.

Is Heartstopper renewed for season 3?

Netflix also ordered Heartstopper season 3 in May 2022 when it announced the renewal of season 2. Alice Oseman also shared a drawing of an illustration for Heartstopper in a tweet. The tweet read “2 more seasons”. According to “What’s on Netflix” the filming of season 3 will start in October 2023.

However, fans are worrying that season 3 of the show might be affected due to the ongoing strike in Hollywood. But, as the show is a UK production, so there will be no delays due to the strike. If the filming starts in October, we can expect season 3 by early 2024. Due to the strike, a lot of beloved Netflix shows have already been delayed which is worrying fans about the future of their favorite shows. But, it seems like Heartstopper fans would not have to wait much for a new season.

Netflix Heartstopper Season 3: Sebastian Croft is leaving Heartstopper

Sebastian Croft is leaving Heartstopper?

Sebastian Croft’s character Ben played the show’s antagonist. However, by the end of season 2, Ben approaches Charlie to make things right by apologizing to him. But, Charlie denies to accept his apology as he challenges Ben to become a better person. Before his apology, Ben says that “If you really hate me after this, you’ll never see me again.”  It is not known yet where and why Ben is leaving Truham. Ben was seen standing in front of Lambert’s sign staring at the saying “Here and Queer”. An animated rainbow tide rushed toward Ben and he steps back indicating that he is still not ready to come out. There is a possibility that Sebastian Croft will not be returning for season 3.

So, if Sebastian Croft’s Ben is leaving the show, then who will be the antagonist in the next season to make things difficult for the young couple?


Fans are excited to know what will happen in the upcoming seas. Nick reveals his feelings for Charlie and says “I love your hair, I love your eyes” and then Charlie is seen walking and typing the text “I love you” and his finger hovers over send button. According to Alice Oseman, she had only one word for season 3 “Love”. She revealed that “People who already have read the comics already know what happens”. She continued “We know Nick loves Charlie and Charlie loves Nick”.

The first two seasons followed the first two volumes of the comics. So, the third season will definitely follow the third volume of the comics.


All the previous cast members from season 3 will return except Sebastian Croft as his character “Ben” is not returning for season 3.

  • Kit Connor
  • Joe Locke
  • William Gao
  • Yasmin Finney
  • Rhea Norwood
  • Kizzy Edgell
  • Corinna Brown
  • Tobie Donovan

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