The Finals Playtest Beta Sound Issue - No Sound, Audio Cuts and Missing

[Solved] Can’t Play The Finals on Steam Deck

The Steam Deck, Valve’s handheld gaming device, has opened up a whole new world of gaming possibilities, allowing you to play your favorite PC games on the go. However, as you might have experienced, not all games run smoothly on this Linux-based handheld wonder. One such game is “The Finals.” If you’ve been frustrated by crashes and loading issues, particularly when the Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) splash screen appears, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll explore the problem and see if we can find a way to get “The Finals” up and running on your Steam Deck.

Why You Can’t Play The Finals on Steam Deck

The root of the problem lies in the Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) system. It seems that the developers have yet to integrate Proton EAC support, causing “The Finals” to crash or fail to load on Valve’s Linux-based handheld console. It’s a tough spot, especially when you’re itching for some “The Finals” action on the go.

In the last playtest beta the anti-cheat was not integrated properly so people were able to play The Finals on steam deck.

[Solved] Can't Play The Finals on Steam Deck

How To Fix Can’t Play The Finals on Steam Deck

Now, you might be wondering, what can we do to get “The Finals” running on the Steam Deck? Well, currently, the options are somewhat limited. Given that it’s an issue involving EAC integration, it primarily falls on the developers to work on making the game compatible with the Steam Deck’s Linux-based system. As of now, no direct workaround or fix has been found.

So, the best approach for the time being might be to keep an eye on game updates and announcements from the developers regarding Steam Deck compatibility. It’s a waiting game, but who knows, there might be good news on the horizon.

Final Words

In the world of gaming, challenges like this are bound to arise, but the gaming community is resilient. We adapt, we wait, and we keep our fingers crossed for solutions. Until then, let’s hope that “The Finals” will soon be part of the Steam Deck’s portable gaming experience. Stay tuned, and let’s continue our gaming adventures, one step at a time.

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