[Solved] Lethal Company Voice Chat Not Working

[Solved] Lethal Company Voice Chat Not Working

Lethal Company has quickly become a hit among co-op horror survival fans. Exploring eerie abandoned buildings, hunting for resources, and fighting off the unknown is way more fun when you can strategize with your teammates. But what happens when the voice chat decides to stop working? Let’s dive into fixing this frustrating issue and get you back to communicating in Lethal Company.

[Solved] Lethal Company Voice Chat Not Working

Troubleshooting Your Setup

Before getting into in-game settings, here are some essential areas to check:

  • Steam Voice Settings: Start your troubleshooting within the Steam client itself. Go to “Friends & Chat”, click the gear icon, and select the “Voice” tab. Double and triple-check that your correct microphone is selected and that its volume levels are appropriate.
  • System Sound Check: Make sure both your system audio and the game’s audio settings are configured correctly, allowing your microphone’s input to be heard within Lethal Company.
  • Steam Mic Test: Take advantage of Steam’s built-in mic test feature (found in the same “Voice” settings tab). This will help you isolate any potential issues directly related to your microphone and Steam.

If the problem isn’t on the hardware side, it’s time to look into the game itself:

Is Voice Chat On? 

This might seem obvious, but it’s worth double-checking that the voice chat feature is actually enabled within Lethal Company’s settings. An accidental toggle can lead to a lack of communication.

Sometimes, a simple restart of both Steam and Lethal Company can solve these kinds of hiccups. Give it a try! Ensure your audio drivers are up-to-date. Outdated drivers can cause unexpected conflicts for various applications. Check if any other programs running in the background might be utilizing your microphone or interfering with sound settings.

It can be incredibly frustrating when communication breaks down in a teamwork-oriented game like Lethal Company. By following these steps meticulously, you should be able to resolve the voice chat woes and get back to coordinating with your squad. Happy scavenging!

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