Alan Wake 2 Calendar Puzzle Solution

Alan Wake 2 Calendar Puzzle Solution

Alan Wake 2, a horror-survival video game, developed by Remedy Studio, has diverse puzzles and passcodes you need to find, and crack. One of them is the Calendar Puzzle, found in the Wellness Center.

In the security room, you have to utilize your psychological, investigative, and astronomy skills to crack the code on the computer through the use of the calendar. Don’t worry, here we have Alan Wake 2 Calendar Puzzle Solution to help you out.

Alan Wake 2 Calendar Puzzle in Wellness Center

Where is Alan Wake 2 Calendar Puzzle Location?

Head to the Wellness Center to find Tor, but before you do that, you have an electronic door that you need to open. Interact with the computer, and it will ask you for the username and password.

You will have to find the password by checking out notes and pointing out the favorite month date of the room’s owner.

Right on the wall, you will find a calendar hanging, through which you have to figure out the day/month. This brings you to the Calendar Puzzle in Alan Wake 2. Read on to find the solution to this puzzle.

What is Alan Wake 2 Calendar Puzzle Solution?

The location, or precisely, the room belongs to a person named Vladimir Blum, a member of the Cult. Take the notes that are found in the room, and you will get to know about the month of “August“.

The day is after the new moon, making Vladimir quite anxious about this month and the date. Check back on the calendar and you will find that the 16th of August has the new moon occurring.

So, if the day is actually one after the new moon, it leads us to the date of “17th“.

In the Europe Calender, Date system, the day comes first, before the month. So, this suggests that the “17th of August” is the day and month. What is the year? Same as the game’s launch year.

Thus, the Alan Wake 2 Calendar Puzzle Solution is “170323”. Head over to the computer and put in the password. It will open the door for you, and you can carry on your journey to find Tor.

Alan Wake 2 Calendar Puzzle Solution is 170823


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