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[Solved] Lords of the Fallen Stuttering on PC (Steam)

Lords of the Fallen is the latest SoulsBourne game from Hexworks and Defiant Studios. Unlike other Soulslike, this one has everything done right, from the complicated game mechanics to the horror-filled environment. But, something is missing here, as the game doesn’t feel smooth or appealing when you play it.

Lords of the Fallen is Stuttering on PC, most notably Steam because of the technical issues in the game, and sometimes these stutters result in the game crashing. However, you can fix it yourself by tweaking the settings and troubleshooting various methods. Let’s get to the details below.

Why is LotF Stuttering on Steam?

Stutters in any video game are due to your PC not meeting minimum requirements. If you are well above and have a system with recommended requirements, you can run the game smoothly.

On the other side of the debate, it might not be the case completely and the stutters in the game might be due to the severs. Games are sometimes not optimized for specific GPUs, resulting in game stutters.

It could also be because of the GPU Drivers, Windows, Antivirus, and so on.

How to Fix Lords of the Fallen (LotF) Stuttering on PC (Steam)?

Lords of the Fallen Requirements

The first thing that you have to check is whether the LotF Requirements are met or not. Make sure that your system has at least minimum requirements met. Our recommendation is to have a system that meets the recommended requirements of the game.

GPU6GBs VRAM, NVIDIA GTX 1060, or AMD Radeon RX 5908GBs VRAM, NVIDIA RTX 2080. or AMD Radeon RX 6700
CPUIntel i5-8400, or AMD Ryzen 5 2600Intel i7-8700, or AMD Ryzen 5 3600
RAM12 GB16 GB (Duel Channel)
Lord of the Fallen Minimum and Recommended Requirements

Update Drivers

One of the most common reasons for Lords of the Fallen to stutter is outdated graphics card drivers (GPU). It’s important to have the most up-to-date drivers to ensure the optimal performance of your system.

So, visit your hardware manufacturer’s website and find the latest version of their GPU driver suite. Download and install the latest driver on your system, and see if it resolves the issue.

  • For Nvidia, you can download the Drivers from Nvidia Experience.
  • For AMD, you can download the Drivers from AMD Adrenaline or through the manual method.
  • You can type in Update on the left bottom search bar of Windows and search for updates for all other peripherals.

Adjust in-game Settings

Overburdening your system in exchange for better graphics isn’t a good decision, as it can get in your way of smooth gameplay, causing in-game stutters.

Take down the resolution to 1920×1080, and select Medium or Lower Preset in the game’s graphics/video options. This allows you to have more FPS and in return fix the Lords of the Fallen (LotF) stuttering on PC Steam.

Disable Full Screen Optimization

For most of the games, the Full Screen Optimization is the cause of Stuttering and performance issues in the game. To increase your FPS and Fix Stuttering in Lords of the Fallen PC, disable the full-screen optimization of the game.

Disable Antivirus and Firewall

Another reason for Lords of the Fallen (LotF) stuttering and dropping FPS can be your antivirus or firewall. These programs can block certain game files, causing the game to malfunction.

You can temporarily disable your antivirus and firewall and try running the game again. If the game works fine after disabling these programs, add LotR to the exception list in your antivirus and firewall settings.

Disable Vsync

You can go to the in-game settings and from there Disable the Vsync through the Graphics Settings.

You can also right-click on the desktop and click on the Nvidia Control Panel. Then click on the Manage 3D Settings, find Vertical Sync, and then off.

Closing Applications

Behind the game, there might be various applications running that can result in your having low FPS, resulting in further stuttering. Open your Task Bar and close all the unnecessary apps.

Verify Game Files or Repair them

Sometimes, it can be caused by corrupted game files. To fix this issue, verify the game files in their respective launcher. Lords of the Fallen is on Steam, and it makes the process of repairing or replacing game files effortless.

  • Start Steam
  • Head over to the Library
  • Right-click Lords of the Fallen (LotR)
  • Go to Properties
  • Find Files Tab
  • Click on “Verify Integrity of Game Files”

After a while, all your game files will be searched, verified, repaired, and replaced.

Lords of the Fallen Stuttering on PC Steam because of the graphics, optimization, files or pc not meeting minimum requirements.

All in all, most of the time in-game stutters are because the system is not able to run the game on its recommended requirements. You can take down the graphics, update your GPU/Peripherals, Disable Antivirus, Close Apps, and optimize the game through Steam Verification to Fix Lords of the Fallen Stuttering on PC (Steam).

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