Starfield Companions: Every Confirmed Crewmate

Starfield Companions: Every Confirmed Crewmate

In search of a detailed guide on Starfield Companions: Every Confirmed Crewmate? Look no further. Check out this detailed article for everything we know so far. 

What are Crewmates in Starfield? 

Starfield has minor companion characters known as Crewmates. There are four confirmed Crewmates in the game so far. Three of these are human, while one is a robot. All have unique skills and abilities.

Starfield Companions: Every Confirmed Crewmate

Every Confirmed Starfield Crewmate


Your first Starfield Crewmate is a robot. You heard that right! VASCO is your loyal utility robot. It was Starfield’s first revealed companion. And is a fan favorite thanks to its deadpan sense of humor.

The robot also features a versatile set of tools and weaponry. As a result, it’s useful for both repairing your ship and taking down enemies. Although, its primary use is exploring planets. 

We don’t know the exact skill stats for this companion bot, but it’s intelligent enough to call you by your chosen name.

Marika Boros

This is another confirmed Crewmate we don’t know too much about. From the game trailer, it seems that players can recruit Marika from the Viewport spaceport. Once you hire her, this crew member will be eager for some adventure. 

Boros is skilled with ballistics like shotguns and laser guns. This makes her very helpful as a supporting crew member. She’s got 2 Stars Ballistics, 1 Star Shotgun Certification, and 1 Star Particle Beam Weapon Systems.


Heller’s another Crewmate you find stranded on a desolate rocky planet. He’s desperate to escape, and it’s up to you to rescue him. Once you do, he’ll be more than willing to join your crew.

We don’t know too much about Heller. But we do know that he’s good at helping with Outpost maintenance. He’s got Outpost Engineering 3 Stars and Geology 1 Star. Unfortunately, his high Outpost Engineering stat means you’ll rescue him from the planet he’s stuck on only to post him to another outpost. 

Adoring Fan

You may recognize this Crewmate from Elder Scrolls Oblivion. The Adoring Fan was last seen in Oblivion hurtling from a cliff. Unfortunately for you, he makes a surprise return in Starfield. And like in Oblivion, he worships the ground you walk on.

He also showers you with compliments and will occasionally give you gifts. You only get this unique crew member if you chose the Hero Worshipped trait during Starfield character creation. His skills include 2 Stars Weight lifting, 1 Star Concealment, and 1 Star Scavenging.

Starfield Companions: Every Confirmed Crewmate


So far, there are four Starfield Crewmates. VASCO, Marika Boros, Heller, and Adoring Fan. We hope this guide on Every Confirmed Starfield Crewmate helps. As always, happy gaming!

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