Timeshare Compliance BBB: Ratings & Reviews  

Timeshare Compliance BBB: Ratings & Reviews  

Are you stuck with your timeshare liabilities? If it’s true, then you are scrolling through the right guide. It’s easy to get stuck buying a timeshare, but once you sign on the printed document, the payments kick in, and you discover that you signed up for a lifetime. 

However, timeshare exit companies like Timeshare Compliance can help you out of the timeshare problem. But do they deliver on that promise? In order to get the answer to this question, you’ll need to read this complete guide.  

Let’s find out about the Timeshare Compliance BBB and how they make you free from the timeshare deal.  

Who is Timeshare Compliance BBB? 

Timeshare Compliance BBB is one of the top timeshare cancellation companies. The company is based in Aliso Viejo, California and has been working in this industry since 2012. Timeshare Compliance BBB works with frustrated clients who were misled and lied during the timeshare presentation. It uses the three-step strategy for the timeshare exit: Investigate, Advocate & Resolve.  

Pros of Timeshare Compliance 

Timeshare Compliance is the best timeshare cancellation company and claims they can cancel your timeshare quickly and permanently. It offers many beneficial services to its clients so that they feel satisfied with their work. 

Here are some pros of Timeshare Compliance BBB:  

  • Credit Protection 
  • Uses Attorneys 
  • Escrow Payment Option 
  • Selective in Accepting Cases 
  • Customer Service 

Credit Protection 

The company’s official website shows it offers credit protection services to clients. This fantastic feature gives access to timeshare owners to monitor their credits during the cancellation process. This credit protection mainly focuses on the cancellation process not affecting the client’s credit, as failure to make payment during the exit process could negatively impact the customer’s credit. 

Uses Attorneys 

Besides credit protection, the company uses highly experienced legal attorneys to exit the timeshare case. As soon as your case passes the company’s test and the company welcomes you as a client, you’ll be provided with an attorney. The attorney assigned to you will be notified, and the cancellation process will begin.  

Escrow Payment Option 

Although Timeshare Compliance BBB does not give a money-back guarantee like others, it provides a free escrow payment option. The escrow payment acts as assurance since the company does not receive the entire payment for its services until it successfully cancels the timeshare agreement. Additionally, the escrow payment builds trust between the client and the company and confirms that the company will definitely get off their client’s contract. 

Selective in Accepting Cases 

Timeshare Compliance is very selective in accepting timeshare contracts. It is because the company wanted to maintain its organisation’s impressive and positive reputation. The company evaluates the client’s situation in their free consultation and selects only winnable cases. So, people can trust their exit safest and most well-planned exit process. 

Customer Service 

Despite its impressive reputation and successful cases, the company is known for its best customer service. It has been operating for over eight years and has knowledgeable staff guiding clients throughout the cancellation process. The team of experts at the company has proven to be highly responsive. These experts quickly process you through their system to get your timeshare exit process.  


A timeshare can considerably burden and ruin your everyday life. Some timeshare owners find that their lives change, their health conditions start affecting their travel plans, and they simply aren’t using their timeshare anymore. If you are in that position, you may want to get out of your contract. You can consider hiring a timeshare exit company like Timeshare Compliance BBB.  

Hopefully, this article helps you understand whether to hire the company for your timeshare exit or not! 

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