Top 7 Surefire Instagram Story Features to Boost Engagement

Top 7 Surefire Instagram Story Features to Boost Engagement

In 2016 by taking the reference of Snapchat, Instagram introduced the stories feature, and its popularity bloomed in no time. In 2019, the number of Instagram Stories’ daily active users reached 500 million, which showed how much this feature was liked. Even though the story’s lifespan is 24 hours, it has the power to encourage users to watch your unique content. This short-life content has the power to boost your brand engagement and bring in more audience.

Many businesses have realized that using Instagram stories can be the best for their business to achieve its goals. Within these stories, Instagram has also introduced some features that give you an extra boost to create more effective content so that your business can gain desired results. Today in this blog, let us get insight on the top 7 Instagram story features that are surefire ways to enhance your engagement. Without wasting any more of our time, let’s get started.

Top 7 Instagram story features that Instagram has brought for you

Instagram has become a marketing tool for many businesses that allows them to create various forms of content to reach potential audiences. These below-mentioned Instagram story features have also contributed to creating unique c

content that can enhance your engagement.  

Geotags and location hashtags

This feature enables you to increase local discovery and engagement, which is important for your business growth. Using this feature makes it easier for you to bring growth in organic reach and interaction with your target audience. With the help of Geotags, you can reach people apart from following, which means you can gather more people on your profile who are largely interested in your brand’s product or services. Ensuring you are reaching the right audience can boost your engagement rates, that’s very important to make your brand visible. You can even opt to buy likes for instagram so that your story gets the right amount of attention.

Quiz sticker 

Quiz stickers are another excellent feature that can enhance engagement with your brand. Moreover, Quiz stickers allow you to write out your question and provide multiple-choice options to your followers through which you can get to know about their interests or if they know your brand well. This is one of the best options to create a conversation with your audience, and you can test your audience. This feature can be the best in keeping your audience engaged with your brand in the most fun and effective way.


Poll sticker is a one-question poll for stories and is the best way to start a conversation with your followers. It allows your followers to share their opinions and thoughts and know their interests that can increase your engagement. When your audience taps on the poll, they can select from two options to share their thoughts. They get to see the percentage of specific options, and which one is in the lead. With this feature, you can get an idea of other customers’ preferences and motivate viewers to take part in polls. 


This is one more excellent feature that allows you to interact with your potential customers by allowing them to ask you questions. You can use question stickers to collect frequently asked questions from your followers. The question might be related to the company or products, and you can answer them through Instagram stories in the most creative way. By using this feature, your followers can learn more about your company and product, which helps them to find out if you satisfy their needs and if it is worth investing in you. Inviting your user to ask questions about your company or product shows that you value them first. The question sticker is an actionable way to encourage your audience to interact with you and boost engagement.

Emoji slider 

The Emoji slider is a distinctive feature brought in by Instagram. It allows you to ask more complex questions and how your followers feel about your brand by dragging the emoji to the left or right. Using this feature will help you to know how much or less they are satisfied with your product or service. Using emoji sliders allows you to add emotional context that encourages users to participate, which creates new opportunities to start a conversation with your old or new followers and boost engagement. You can use any emoji depending on your question so that the user understands your tone and can answer accordingly.

Countdown sticker

This sticker creates a sense of urgency in your follower’s minds and encourages them to take the desired action. With this feature, you can promote your product and set a reminder about its release date to notify your customer about it. You can even add an eye-catching background design with some FOMO effect to encourage followers to swipe up to learn more about your product. You can easily get the audience’s attention with a mesmerizing design that will motivate your audience more about your time-sensitive offer.

Swipe up links

Top 7 Surefire Instagram Story Features to Boost Engagement

By adding swipe-up links, you can redirect your customers to the official website where they can find out about products or services. With this, you can even take your followers to blog post-lead-generation landing pages that may increase your sales. With this feature, you can let the audience know more about your brand and its services. Swipe-up links allow you to be more creative in it, as you can add any link to a website page. If you want to collect customer feedback, you can provide a link to a customer survey. It is one of the best features that gives your audience essential information and keeps them engaged and interested.


Instagram is growing in popularity occasionally as it helps people and businesses create more engaging content. With various features like reels, carousels, and stories, you can create unique content that can raise your visibility bar. But with these additional Instagram story features, like geotags, polls, emoji slider, countdown sticker, emoji slider, and swipe-up links, you get an extra benefit that can enhance your engagement even more by creating appealing conversation. Before you use any of these features, make sure that you understand your customer life cycle and create content accordingly to gain the desired result.

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