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Viral TikTok Tube Girl Trend Explained

A new Tube Girl effect has been going viral on TikTok recently and people are wondering what’s the take here. Don’t worry, here we have Viral TikTok Tube Girl Trend Explained, making it easier to digest.

There has been a segment of short videos on TikTok where a girl is on public transport. We call it public transport, while she refers to it as “Tube”, giving rise to the “Tube Girl” Trend.

Viral TikTok Tube Girl Trend Explained

Why is Tube Girl Famous?

If you are like me, you might also be wondering why thousands of people make content on public, specifically public transport. These videos can be seen on not only TikTok, but on YouTube, and other social media platforms as well.

People record themselves in public, doing unique things or following trends all around. Most of them are known to be videos of dancing in public. But, why is the Tube Girl suddenly famous?

The Tube Girl is a simplistic girl who records herself in the Underground Trail, known as a “Tube”. The videos are taken in a specific 0.5 mode where she dances to the Nicki Minaj songs, delving deep into the beats with confidence.

Giving off those feminist and confident vibes, saying things like “Trust me, no one cares”. Quoting another of her famous sayings “Romanticise your journey”. These things are somewhat familiar in the world of Female-Driven worlds, making her viral.

Viral TikTok Tube Girl Trend Explained

Who is the Tube Girl on TikTok?

The Tube Girl is a famous 22 YO from Malaysia, but living recently in a beautiful city in England, London. She gained her viewers recently but hasn’t been here for a long time. She made her first viral video, back in August 2023, and made similar posts ever since.

The Tube Girl Effect!

As of now, she has around 400k on TikTok and has a ton of marketing running towards her. She has her #tubegirleffect which has a whopping 70 million views. This means users are using the Tube Girl Confidence to showcase their way of “no one cares”.

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