Where is Madam Nazar in Red Dead Online

Where is Madam Nazar in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online is an immersive and exciting game that allows players to explore the Wild West and take on different roles. One of the recently added roles is that of the collector, which requires players to find Madam Nazar. However, locating her can be a bit tricky, so in this blog post, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks to help you find her easily.

Where is Madam Nazar in Red Dead Online

Where is Madam Nazar in Red Dead Online?

Madam Nazar is a traveling vendor who changes her location every day at 6 am UTC. Her location is random each time, so it can be challenging to locate her. However, there are a few ways to track her down.

Tips to find Madam Nazar

The first thing to keep in mind is to pay attention to notifications from Madam Nazar on the Post Offices or in the mailboxes in any town you visit. These notifications often give you the opportunity to complete weekly collections, which can earn you more experience and cash.

Another way to locate Madam Nazar is to use the in-game map. The map will show her location once you’ve purchased a map from her. However, you should only purchase maps once you’ve completed a set of collectibles on the first map marker that you purchased. This way, you won’t lose any previous map markers if you open another one of her map packs.

Madam Nazar also sells other useful items and equipment for the collector role. You can purchase accessories that aid in your collectible hunting or special equipment like the Metal Detector and refined binoculars. These will help you complete a set of Collections and earn more experience and cash when you turn them in.

Where is Madam Nazar in Red Dead Online


Madam Nazar is an essential character for players of the collector role in Red Dead Online. While her location can be a bit tricky to find, keeping an eye out for notifications and using the in-game map can help. Additionally, purchasing accessories and equipment from Madam Nazar can help you complete sets of collections and earn more rewards. With these tips, you’ll be able to find Madam Nazar and continue your collector journey in the Wild West.

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