Will There Be Netflix Fair Play 2? Fair Play Sequel Release Date

Will There Be Netflix Fair Play 2? Fair Play Sequel Release Date

Netflix’s Fair Play has quickly become a hit at Netflix. The movie starring Phoebe Dynevor and Alden Ehrenreich has been released on Netflix. The Netflix movie is one of the best-scored movies on Rotten Tomatoes.

Fair Play written and directed by Chloe Domont managed to get 87% fresh scores. Also, the movie has quickly become one of the best-reviewed thriller movies on Netflix surpassing other titles like Knives Out 2 and Extraction 2.

Fair play follows the story of Emily and Luke who work at a major hedge fund. But their relationship becomes complicated when Emily gets a promotion.

Fair Play managed to beat the ratings of other notable Netflix movies released this year. including David Fincher’s The Killer (78%) and You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah (91%). Fans are loving the new thriller film and are already wondering if the story will continue.

Will There Be Netflix Fair Play 2? Fair Play Sequel Release Date

Will There Be Netflix Fair Play 2?

The film ended on a decisive note, so Netflix has not officially announced anything about a sequel yet. But, if the movie continues to perform well on the streaming platform there is hope for a sequel.

Fair Play ending explained

The movie starts with Luke getting on his knees to propose to Emily at a family wedding jokingly running away from the ceremony out of the window. But it is the last time the audience sees the couple being happy together.

Soon after the wedding things become complicated they have to keep their relationship a secret from their fearsome boss Campbell. In a shocking twist, Emily is promoted and Luke becomes jealous and starts to resent his fiance. Still, the director Chloe Domont wanted the audience to root for the couple at the start;

You [have to] fall in love with the characters during the proposal,” she tells Tudum. “And I thought, ‘What’s the most ridiculous way they could get engaged that makes you adore them?’ For me, it was by covering them in blood. It makes them charmingly dysfunctional and messy and human in a somewhat outlandish way that also grabs the audience by the throat. And then, of course, the blood also tells them, ‘Don’t get too comfortable.’ I thought the foreshadowing of the violence to come was just as important.”

The violence between the couple starts steadily until it’s too late for the couple to bounce back from their complications. Luke crashes one of Emily’s meetings and instead of revealing that both of them are engaged, he accuses Emily of sexual harassment. Then, again at an engagement the couple get into a heated argument and they end up in a bathroom again but this time Luke rapes Emily. The matter is taken to Campbell by Emily who says that Luke has been stalking her for months. Campbell dismisses both of them by saying that he does not care what they do in their spare time.

Will There Be Netflix Fair Play 2? Fair Play Sequel Release Date

But in the end, Luke is seen packing and leaving for another job in San Francisco. Emily appears to be angry as she wants Luke to apologize to her for the sexual assault and physical abuse. She confronts him and when he gaslights her nothing happens she picks up the kitchen knife and asks him to beg her for forgiveness.

Though initially he thinks she’s just overreacting when Emily slices his arm he admits everything he has done. “I will do anything to make it OK for you,” he sobs.

As she kneels down next to him, Emily has only one thing to say: “Now wipe the blood off my floor, and get out. I’m done with you now.” The movie cuts to black after Emily’s last line.

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