Xdefiant Dedsec Challenge Bug - Can't Progress, and Stuck at 0

Xdefiant Dedsec Challenge Bug – Can’t Progress, and Stuck at 0

What is the meaning of playing a challenge, if you can’t even proceed further? Well, that is exactly what Xdefiant Dedsec Challenge Bug is. You can’t progress further and literally stuck on 0 progression percentage. Here in this article, we are going to discuss it in detail.

Xdefiant Dedsec Challenge Bug - Can't Progress, and Stuck at 0

Why can’t I progress in Dedsec Challenge Xdefiant?

The reason for that is obvious. There is a server issue in the game that doesn’t take your progression into consideration.

You are literally stuck on the same progression without going onward. It isn’t like you can’t proceed in the area, but rather, the game doesn’t count it.

When you log out, or exit the game and come back, you will start from the very beginning.

How to Fix Xdefiant Dedsec Challenge Bug

In order to fix this issue, you will have to complete the Dedsec Challenge in one sitting. Then again, if you can’t, you can just press escape, pause the game, and continue from the exact same moment.

If you are looking for some other fix, we are sorry that there doesn’t exist any. The game is literally bugged here and you can’t progress in Dedsec Challenge, starting from the very beginning.

In case the issue is continuous, you can just re-install the game and everything will be back to normal. Also, make sure there aren’t any background processes messing up the game files. You can do the following as well;

  • Disable the Antivirus and Firewall
  • Update the game
  • Get the latest drivers installed
  • Download GPU drivers from Nvidia Experience, or AMD Adrenaline
Xdefiant Dedsec Challenge Bug - Can't Progress, and Stuck at 0

The Verdict

Recently players have been stuck on the Dedsec Challenge, because they Can’t Progress, and are Stuck at 0. There is nothing you can do to fix the Xdefiant Dedsec Challenge Bug. Just complete the challenge in one sitting or just pause the game and never log out of the account or exit the game.

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